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help!!!! mechanics dont know what im talkin bout!!! 


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 Post subject: Re: help!!!! mechanics dont know what im talkin bout!!!
Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:12 pm 
Smokin em up
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Ash wrote:
Hahaha :lol:

I think I have actually been told that before, but it wasn't no guy in a servo, was a man in blue. An no it wasn't a smurf.

haha, The man in blue also said something similar to me...... to weeks later he took my licence :x



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 Post subject: Re: help!!!! mechanics dont know what im talkin bout!!!
Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:08 am 
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Esteven8 wrote:
OZBMX wrote:
Fordsrule174 wrote:
if they are stealing they are not very smart in the first place as to the reason why most get caught if i was going to steal a car (not really i hate thief's the bastards) i would just get a tow truck(making sure there is no cameras around the area first) tow them away then break into them in a paddock somewhere far away and dismantle them then start selling the parts 3 months later

someone has tried to break into dads Hyundai excel GXL Sportz 2000 and somehow failed and f**k up the central locking it has no alarm or anything in it i could steal the thing if i wanted to no trouble and strangely enough the hyundai has been target a few times as someone broke a door handle on it while we were in shopping world, broke door handle again while it was at home and then got the central locking stuffed while at home but they didnt touch my NF or EL or mums BF all sitting outside at the time i know they are harder to steal due to they actually have a immobilizer and plastics inside the doors to prevent shoving bent metal rod down the door to unlock it and those funny shaped keys

this proves my point that if they cant steal a excel they aren't very bright

stealing ones not the easiest, but breaking into them a piece of piss, because you have a big door handle to hook around, and then automatically have the locks operate unlike alot of cars. and alot of the time there more interested in just the contents than taking the car anywhere, especially if theres something to catch their eye.

ANY car can be broken into, it's just a matter of how badly you want to get into the car. Windows break easy enough. Best thing, as OZBMZ touched on, is to NEVER leave anything of value in plain view when you leave the car unattended. Remove the stereo fascia, dont keep change in cupholderes etc, I have heard of windows being smashed in for a packet of smokes ffs. Alarms wont do jack if someone's after stuff laying around in the car, take 10-20 seconds to grab what they want and go. And really, who takes notice of an alarm screaming it's tits off in a car park these days?
I had some d**k break into my Laser (piece of piss to get into) and try to start it by jamming...... a hacksaw blade, yes that's right a HACKSAW BLADE? :? into the ignition barrel. I was stunned by how retarded this guy must be. Not only that, but the CD player, over 100 CD's and tools enough to steal and strip the car were left untouched?.
I was p****d (and a little insulted, if you're gonna break into my car at least have the courtesy to do a decent job of it :) ), had to replace the ignition barrel.

wow that is pritty stupid



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