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ABS problem in a wet BA wagon 


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 Post subject: ABS problem in a wet BA wagon
Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:59 pm 
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Hi, kids decided to clean the BA wagon today after a weeks holiday down the coast to Lakes entrance. Normally this would be very welcomed however they decided to use the hose in the car and got the wagon area and rear footwells very wet (front still dry). Despite the soaking i thought that a few days of warm weather would see things back to normal however when taking a drive to the shops in the rain this evening i was confronted with the abs light illuminated ( ABS is definitely not working) and the door ajar warning lamp and alarm going off. I was thinking a wet loom/connection but would appreciate a helping hand as to what area i should be looking at. Thanks
 Post subject: Re: ABS problem in a wet BA wagon
Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:46 pm 
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Little Buggers :lol: There is looms and connecters running down both sides of the wagon along the edges of the footwells. Which could well be your problem, if water has become caught in the connections. It should be reasonably easy to fix, (Yeah should be easy until you go do it :roll: then it becomes 10 X harder especially in Wagons that have had kids in the back. The amound of FOOD, toys, pens and junk I found under the rear seat and coating all the bolts and loom was incredible :roll: ) First I think and easiest part to do is remove the plastic brush plates from the bottom of the door well that also holds the molded carpet in place. (should be 2 or 3 dogs bum screws from memory :roll: ) once removed you should be able to move the carpet enough to see the loom and the connections. (if not it gets a little more complicated. You'll need a 10mm socket and good Foot of extension bars, as youll need to remove the rear seat side bolsters. if you push your hand betwwen the seat cushion and the rear bolster and feel around towards the rear wheel well, you should feel a rounded triangular plastic protrusion coming off the bottom of the bolster. somewher around the bottom of this protrusion you'll find the 1 bolt head that secures it to the car. (I suspect in your case like me it will now be coated in sticky or now SOGGY food :( ) Leaving your hand in place now guide the socket wrench into position and remove the bolt. (dont drop it or you may have to remove the rear seat cushion to retrieve it.) with the bolt removed carefully full your and the socket wrench back out. Fold the seat down and when you look at the side of the bolster you will see the metal hoop that the seat laches to when in the upright position. It will have plastic cover around its base. With a flat head screw driver GENTLY, (VERY GENTLY! as the s**t clips break easily) pry the cover off. with the cover off grip the base of the bolster and pull up towards the room and the bolster should come free. with the bolster removed you should see the conections in the loom or you may have to shovel or vacuum the slop out of the cavity to fing the loom. In any case you should have enough room for a hair dryer to get in and dry the plugs out. After dying the loom connections before reassembly try the car and see if the problem goes away. If it does then Yay and you just reverse the process for reassembly. If not the only other place that move got wet is the front seat bases where the looms plug in for the airbags and power seat. That will involve removing the front scuff plates and drying the connectors in the base of both front seats. In any case GOOD LUCK 8-)



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