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Annoying problem - HELP/ADVISE NEEDED A.S.A.P. 


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Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2005 12:47 am 
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NFGhia wrote:
Well the relays been checked and I changed it over with another one but thats ok.
Relays are usually quite bulletproof - unless they've been subjected to moisture, excessive heat, etc.
NFGhia wrote:
I've got it connected to pin 97 VPWR and heres the cool thing, there's a voltage feedback somewhere and it keeps the relay active and I can pull the keys out and the car still runs. hehehe.
Well the ECU power relay feeds pin 97 - sounds like your relay is drawing battery (always on) power through a component fed by your relay (if that makes sense).



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 Post subject: Top thread.
Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 11:36 pm 
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Top Thread.

I hope you guys get your probs sorted with the "no start" issue.
I recently had a close friend rebuild the motor from scratch.

All went well and thing fired up first kick. The car continued to start for approx 2 weeks, being left many days in between starts, however, the morning I book her in for a pink slip and presto change-o, I get No Start, just a click or two, the sound of relays activating.

This is an amazing thread that came close to resolving my issue.

A few things in my problem differ, for one, the smartlock flashes 'once' when I hit 'key on', It then fades out never to return until I attempt to restart the car. Also the smarlock doesnt seem to be flashing at all, like when the ignition is off and the key is out of the barrel, Im pretty sure its supposed to be flashing all the time, but Im not certain.
As a precurser in the process of elimination, I left the key in the ignition for over an hour on the 'ON" phase. Nothing happened and the doors locks didnt cycle twice as to inform me that the computer had re-learnt the codes etc.

I'll be checking the solonoid tommorow morning to see if its getting any power, Is there anything that anybody can think of ?

Thanks again for the great read in this thread.

 Post subject: Update from eXcon
Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 3:36 pm 
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This is an update to my previous posting. (ED No Start)

The same mate who rebuilt the motor attacked the car with a voltmeter, he found that he had a full stream to the starter motor at all times meaning that the power was getting to the starter all along. He pulled the starter in 15 minutes and ran it off a fresh battery, only to find that she had bad commutator brushes, hence the original and quite sudden, no start problem.

At this point it was safe to rule out any ECU/Electrical problems keeping in mind that the starter motor had strong (FORD) power at all times, so he proceeded to remove the starter motor from one of the many EA Falcons that he has sitting on his property. He fired her up on the battery and she whirred like Hell 8-)

He fitted the starter and took the leap of faith, only to hear that the motor kicked up and wound over faster than ever.

My contribution or tip for users is this,
If your ED Falcon/Futura fails to start and your smartlock isn't flashing more than once, then check your starter motor to make sure the ECU is allowing it full power, if full power is available at the solonoid and she still wont crank at all... be sure to remove the starter and try it on a fresh battery, sometimes it will be jammed and release itself during this process, or you may find that the commutator brushes are RS. and simply need cleaning or replacing. (Extra tip: EA Starters work very well :P )

God bless and thanks to me mate 8-)

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