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Timing Not Retarding Under Acceleration 


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 Post subject: Re: Timing Not Retarding Under Acceleration
Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:47 pm 
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snap0964 wrote:
EDIT: He's not a moron either - he hasn't abused you, so why start?
WILDEB wrote:
he was putting things in CAPITALS being a SMARTASS
Maybe he was trying to stress important points. Hardly makes him a moron.



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 Post subject: Re: Timing Not Retarding Under Acceleration
Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:09 pm 
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Timing would advance on acceleration.
If you think about it the piston will be coming up to TDC alot faster with higher engine speeds. And the fuel actually takes some time to burn, it's not an instant process that is why they advance the timing to make sure it is fully combusted by the time the piston is at top dead centre and on it's way down. So the faster the engine speed the earlier you have to ignite the fuel..... There are exceptions though as stated above. At higher engine speeds or with boosted applications they will retard the timing to prevent pinging....



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 Post subject: Re: Timing Not Retarding Under Acceleration
Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:12 pm 
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WILDEB wrote:
Sucker wrote:
Apologies, I did leave 'checked base timing' out of my list above. It is bang on 30.

'WILDEB', timing RETARDS under acceleration, not advances. It retards because under acceleration the A/F mixture richens, meaning the A/F mixture BURNS faster and in order to ensure maximum cylinder pressure is created at the same point in the piston's travel, the timing needs to....RETARD. If it advanced the engine would 'PINK' (which is slang for detonation and a representation of the sound it makes), a condition caused by the A/F mixture igniting at some point in the cylinder away from the spark plug and the erroneous flame front hitting the true flame front created at the spark plug.

It is caused by using poor octane fuel, or the timing being too far ADVANCED, creating higher than normal cylinder pressure (like having too much compression), and causing the remaining yet-unburnt A/F mixture to spontaneously ignite and create the second flame front.

Thanks Jason, yes, it's dead stock. I will give the MAF a clean and see what happens. It's not sensitive material like quartz halogen or anything silly like that, is it? Had a look on Ebay. Plenty of 6 cyl ECUs, no 8s, or am I looking in the wrong place?


it advances. moron. like back in the day on old dizzy cars they have VACCUUM ADVANCE

It's called vacuum advance, but remember under load the manifold loses vacuum causing the timing to retard. At the same time however the centripital advance advances timing with engine speed, this means that once your foot is flat the vac component has already retarded the timing, from there an increase in RPM causes the timing to advance as you accellerate.

The term ping is short for Pre-ignition.
 Post subject: Re: Timing Not Retarding Under Acceleration
Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:25 am 
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Sucker, as was mentioned in an earlier post, did you bridge the top left and bottom left pins in the diagnostic port when checking the base timing? If you didn't, this could be the reason for your pinging. In diagnostic mode you should be seeing 30* and out of diagnostic mode you should see about 18*.



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