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Turbo Engine into Wagon Questions 


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 Post subject: Turbo Engine into Wagon Questions
Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:17 am 
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Hi Guys,

As the title states I'm hoping someone on here can answer a few questions about the conversion I'm about to undertake on my BF wagon.
I've already purchased a wrecked BF turbo 6speed manual ute from the auctions to donate engine, diff and other bits and pieces into the goon, note i still want to retain the btr not the manual tranny.
The main problem I've got is what PCM can i use in the goon? I talked to the tuner I'll be taking it to after the conversion is finished and he told me to use the turbo computer as it obviously has the ability to control the wastegate, and I also noticed 2 relays in the fusebox for controlling thermo's rather than the single relay in the goon.
I've emailed someone regarding flashing the ute pcm to hopefully control the btr but apparently can't be done. So I asked if I could use the PCM out of a 6speed auto, which apparently the answer is no as well. Which leads me to thinking i have to use the PCM out of a BA, but from what I understand the BA only uses 1 knock sensor instead of 2 in the BF (possibly other features different as well)
So am i better to use the BA PCM, or use the current NA PCM in the goon with aftermarket boost control or something else?
If the BA PCM is the way to go will it be able to be succesfully coded to the bf bcm/icc?

Hope this all makes sense, just want to get this all sorted before I start pulling the goon apart as its my work car.

 Post subject: Re: Turbo Engine into Wagon Questions
Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:41 am 
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I have just completed a turbo conversion in a BA wagon. I used a BA Turbo PCM, BEM, ICC etc from the donor car AND I also had to swap the ABS module as the BA wagon was 3 channel vs the BA turbo being 4 channel.

I swapped all of the above as it was my preferred option and I did not have to take the car to a tuner/ford dealer to sort out any security errors with incorrect modules (incorrect vin or something in each modules).

You will need to have the PCM from a BF with a BTR 4spd auto, or get a PCM from a BA turbo which will be able to control the BTR and the PCM has the third connector on the bottom for the wastegate solenoid. You might just want to get a BA engine loom as it saved mapping out the connectors to see if they are wired up correctly.

The wagon tailshaft fot the 4spd is different to the 6spd. And the ute tailshaft is longer than the wagon. So basically, to keep it easy you use your current 4spd trans, wagon tailshaft, BF engine with BF turbo 4spd PCM and loom (or standard BA PCM with turbo tune and no wastegate solenoid) providing the wiring is that same in the connector from the engine AND you can get the BA PCM to work with the BF BEM, ICC etc... You will need to change the fuel pump in the wagon (not the easiest job). The ABS module in the wagon... is it a 3 or 4 channel? If it has two brake lines going to the rear this is good (four channel). If not, you might have compatibility issues. I don't know if this can be edited in the PCM firmware anywhere though.

My conversion took me four days on my own which included welding up an exhaust as the Sedan exhaust doesn't fit the wagon) plus the prep work (fuel pump, changing wiring looms etc) and after all of this I didn't have to take it anywhere. It started and drove first go.
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