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Custom your own EF Ghia from Stock 


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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:30 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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GeZza200 wrote:
They are a 4 speed auto but they change like, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd overdrive then 4th. So sort of a 5 speed.

You can get a 5 speed manual put into them and you will need the manual ECU.

No, there is a lockup converter, which locks up above 70km/h in 3rd and fourth gear, dropping revs at cruise



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 Post subject: Re: Custom your own EF Ghia from Stock
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:06 am 
Getting Side Ways
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FPV GT Alex wrote:
You have a 95 EF Fairmont Ghia,

- stock as a rock
- factory color of your choice
- 190,000k's on the clock

The important part, You only have 5 Grand Spending money $$$

You didn't specify if its was a V8 or not lol. But assuming it isn't....

This almost describes my car, except I have an EL! You might see my own wishes coming through... I have Mocha Foam, but if I was to have a choice, I would have the Metallic Red (in EF) and White (in EL)

First thing.... If its stock, and has 190000kms, I've have the engine and transmission completely rebuilt and refurbished from the ground up, to make it last another 200000+ kms. Just like off the showroom floor.

While thats being done, get headers and an exhaust. Again nothing extreme

Once the engine is sorted, Kings low all around, (not super low) with matching shocks, and get the bushes replaced, and I'd add EL XR rims, or something similar that look nice, but not ricey.

Tints all around, then have exterior Cut and Polishedby a detailer, any scuffed moulding replaced, (how much is a re-spray in Metallic these days?? would it fit budget?) fix up the door surrounds, and other black plastic bits with some of that wonder polish to make them nice and black and shiny

The interior would be a bit tired, (I know my leather is... in this climate its hard to keep nice) so I'd see about getting the seats retrimmed and re-cusioned if necessary,) front and back, perhaps with the option of a little GHIA embossed or embroidered on the head restraints, or seat backs.

The other odd thing I'd do, is I'd have all the rubber weatherstripping in the whole car (Doors, boot) replaced with brand new stuff. Makes the car feel brand new again... not kidding you.

After that, I'd consider an EF body kit and short spoiler (the EL ones I find are a bit big)

If I then had any cash left over, I'd put a TFT screen based in-dash DVD/CD/Sat-Nav/iPod/Radio dooverlackey to replace the stock stereo, and then replace the speakers all around with decent equivalents (nothing OTT.. just replacements for the stock paper cones.

"Tell 'em he's dreamin'" lol
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:33 am 
Getting Side Ways
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Ok, the car has done 190k.
If you have no history on the car or you know that the head (gasket) has not been done.
Do it while you have the cash or bank enough to do it.
There would be nothing worse than to spend all your cash on mods, the head goes and it sits there until you can afford to get it done.
Basicly the mods above are good ideas and most are worth doing, just try to keep 1k in the bank for when (not if) it breaks.
Also consider getting 1 on gas if you want to be able to enjoy cruising around more than you will be able to afford on petrol.
Keep the turbo for a future sunday driver project.



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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:41 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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keep your money mate, no doubt you will run into many problems.. Wait until you are earning the type of money to be able to modify your car and keep it on the road.
Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 12:36 am 
Getting Side Ways
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yeah top tips all around. 96Ghia did u buget that to 5k? sounds bloody good if u can do all that for 5k your getting me very excited lol..

Oh well, i guess it would take me 12 months to do all that by the time I could afford it. I like the sound of having the engine and tranmition rebuilt, Have many other people done this? But I think the main things to do first up will be exhust and springs (+head gasket), i have to feel comfortable in the long inbetweens of modding.

how much would it generally cost to have the engine/transmiton rebuilt?

Keep em commn lads im enjoying :P lol



1997 EL Fairmont [EHELL] Mods: 2.5" straight through Redback Mandrel Bent Exhaust from cat back, BA XR8 18" Replica's, LPG conversion, Kingspring Superlows - front and rear, Monroe GT lowered shocks all round, Clear side repetors, FPV front floor mats..

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:30 am 
Getting Side Ways

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i think 96ghia took your 5G and lobbed it out the window!!!!

you can get an engine rebuilt for round $3-$4K mark depending on where you go and what you get them to do.

no idea on transmission.



So much RAM the motherboard twisted off the POST.

I lost 3 cylinders... but gained a turbo...
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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:14 am 
Getting Side Ways

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i would do the usual rims and extractors but fuk that these days
1. second hand turbo set up/intercooler and every thing ive seen these done for under 4 gs
2. dumped with super lows $250
$750 left over
turbo back exaust 3inch



02 series 3 AU marline ute 5speed 347 stroker

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:45 am 
Getting Side Ways

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Get EF detailled professionally $110
4890K left
Paper / Trading Post $2.20
4887.80K left
Find Decent Car Yard with various cars from AU to BF etc etc
4887.80K left
Trade EF for a newer sylish car..



R.I.P Tobias my son.

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:48 am 
Getting Side Ways

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the ef auto is a 4speed, and its very sluggish compared to the manual.
yes its possible to convert a auto to a manual not very hard if you no what your doing but theres a bit of fighting around involved.
this is what i did with mine
1)lowerd pedders super low 300
2)cat back exhaust 300
3)pacci extractors 600
4) au xr rims 600
5) 3.9lsd 1000
6) stereo system 300
7) knn filter
its got other little home made mods which cost me nothing so i wont mention them
altogether i couldn't be happier with my car, for just over 3k its looks and goes better then stock



Garrett gt40turbo, iceman plenum, ported head, turbo cam, double valvesprings, 023 fuel pump, 36lb injectors 4' cat, 4' dump, 2.5 exhaust, build bottom end, hypertonic pistons rods & rods, king bearings, j3. c10 3500 stall

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