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EF blowing white smoke when cold 


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Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:31 am 
Getting Side Ways
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badcooky wrote:
Water is white smoke.
Oil smoke is blueish from rings.
Screwed up top end with oil being burnt is black smoke.
Overfuelling is less black smoke and a flat sound from the engine or a burble under load.
Is it using radiator fluid?

What do you mean by "screwed up top end with oil is black smoke"?
Ive never know oil to be burnt as black smoke oil is a bluey white, and not only comes from rings but valve seals as well. black smoke is simply over fueling (too rich).

Its an easy breakdown:
1) black smoke = too rich
2) white clear smoke (like when you start the car on a cold morning = water.
This can be sometimes diagnosed easily by checking the header tank while the engine is running. If it is bubbling then the engine is both creating a vacuum and pressurising the cooling system (as the piston goes up and down) = either a blown head gasket or possible cracked cylinder bore. DO a compression test. this will definitely tell you. A Cracked bore will usually show up though when the engine is hot. If its the head gasket usually the engine will be misfiring due to the excess water flooding the cylinder but it depends on how much of a section is missing from the gasket.
3) Bluey white smoke = oil.
If it blows oil ALL the time and gets worse when hot and/or blows more under hard acceleration then its rings. Occasionally the head gasket can go between the cylinder and the oil passage but this is rare.
If it blows a puff of blue/white smoke on initial acceleration (say from a set of lights) then its valve seals. Or as with your problem id say the oil is seeping past the valve seals over night and on initial start-up it continues to blow the smoke until it clears the cylinders. Also with the added vacuum created by the motor in the warm up mode its sucking more oil past the seals.

WHy don't you pull the plugs out in the morning before you leave and crank the engine with no plugs in it? just see what kind of crap blows out. Should be easy to diagnose if it is blowing that much smoke of a morning. If you say it stinks id say oil and it'll be valve seals.






Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:49 am 
Getting Side Ways

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when my head cracked the cylinder filled up with coolant when it cooled and I got hydro lock up.
Removed plug with difficulty due to internal corrosion and got it started on 5 cyls. ran ok with plug back in to get to the workshop for head rebuild.



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