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EF Thermos- what condition puts both fans on low 


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 Post subject: EF Thermos- what condition puts both fans on low
Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:35 pm 
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Ive been searching for a while thru the EF thermo instal stuff.
Theoretically for EF
Mode 1: LH Fan Low, RH Fan Low
Mode 2: LH Fan Med, RH Fan High
Mode 3: LH Fan High, RH Fan High
Cant find the ecu input signals used to set the fans in the three modes.
Any info appreciated as i dont want to cook the engine
My EF seems to run:
high RH fan with A/C on
high RH fan and Low LH fan A/C on boost
when engine temp gets high the RH fan goes to high.

It doesnt run High/high or Low/low

thanks guys



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 Post subject: Re: EF Thermos- what condition puts both fans on low
Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:23 am 
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its got its own monitoring system. it wont let your engine cook, unless your coolant sensor has had it, or you run out of water. or have you put an aftermarket set in. i put in a davies craig thermo fan at work the other day. had to wire in a thermatic switch that allowed you to adjust the the temp that the fans turned on. maybe look into that if your concerned.

hope this helps.
 Post subject: Re: EF Thermos- what condition puts both fans on low
Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:47 am 
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Hey Buddy,

Your on your own with an EF... If you find anything let me know though... I've solved heaps of issues with EL fans because the set up is simpler easiest and best of all can be implemented in an ED by using the EL computer (60 pin)... The EF just happened to be the worst model and not much info on here exists for the 104 pin computer...

Attached is the only info I have for the EF fans... There is info there on the relays... But without me having a wiring schematic I have no idea what who ever put it together was trying to say as to the relay operation...

If its anything like EL there will be three wires running back to the EEC that get triggered for the three fan speeds... On EL one is solid blue, one is blue with white... I'm guessing would be true for EF too with the addition of another blue with a different trace? (Check what comes out of the relay block) the trigger wires will be smallest ones in the block...

The computer grounds these wires... Power is on one side of the relay coil all the time... Computer grounds the other side...

Your right the computer sees not just temps but other factors including things like AC status and engine load and biases off that where to bring the fans in... from memory if you put the car into diag mode (info to in the tech library under resources up the top) put it into gear it either brings the fans on low or high as a test for them... Also if you capture all the codes from the computer (on EL anyway) the computer know whether each relay is working and also each fan is working so there will be 6 codes allocated to that (3 for the relays (note two relays are on one trigger wire so either could be broken) and 3 for the 3 fan motors) I'm guessing... Never looked at the EF codes but I can find out for you if you like... They will be present during the KOEO test...

And lastly I steer all people away from those davies craig switches... They are an old crappy mechanical capillary line that needs to go inside a heater hose... They are know to leak... and being mechanical aren't gonna be overly accurate (bi-metal strips bias with ambient temp)... The current EF system is better than that... Works with the AC (davies craig needs additional wiring) and its neater simpler less clutter and better designed... davies craig offer ones set point... your EF has three... So to get three speeds back you'll need three davies craig switches and thats just stupid... People seem to love them... Honestly I think its crap...

A tridon thermo fan switch is way to go for cars your putting fans into, neater, electronic, accurate, non adjustable (so joe blow can't stuff around with it) and probably cheaper... ... 483&P=2014

But still not as good as your factory system...

Don't change it... Just suss it out... Pull the codes from the computer and let us know...

If you can find someone with the EF factory manual, they should be able to explain which conditions cause which speeds...




EF-BA Electric Fan Relay Wiring.xls [19 KiB]
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