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el xr6 with DEV3HL(from jim mock) 


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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:23 pm 
Stock as a Rock

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my car (auto ef faiemont) pulled 156 rwkws on mocks dyno

and a 14.81 at heathcote



Tape deck , standard ride height.

...ITS stage 4 , JMM high stall , JMM tuner , 3.45 LSD

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:26 pm 
Smokin em up
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These motors that quote 140 plus after spending all there money at JMM or any other supplier never keep the high out puts for long.

140rwkws is NOT a high power output for a 4L engine , far from it, we should quite safely be getting around the 170rwkws these engines are open for GREAT improvement... look at euro motors of this size and thats where you see high power outputs, Ford GMH and the likes give us the BASIC outputs almost , with standard equipment, now, you go improving on the quality of the equipment, meaning pistons heads cams and so on, what do you do..?.. you improve the power output somewhat and the engine STILL stays reliable, but once you cross that invisible line of reliability and modify the engine TOO much, and a turbo does that to a stock engine if its NOT built for one... THATS when you start to ask for trouble, so expect it, and by the way, you RETAIN your power output with the JMM kits, the only time you lose it, is when the motor wears out naturally JUST like ANY other engine... :-)

and as far as your friend is concerned, I feel sorry for him but if that were me, after it blew the first time from listening to so called Pros, I wouldve either searched out some else with a PROVEN record, OR, done it MY way, and I probably wouldve done it my way in the beginning anyways, if I had the knowledge needed....

Ive also known quite a few guys in my time fukin up their motors gearboxes an so on, over a period of time, but generally it was because they were taking shortcuts, to save money, and just werent doin the job that was needed, so one doesnt blame the Modification or parts... but blame the one who did the job...



Denim (BAXR6) nothin like a couple of Eaton M90's on, to show whos BOSS....

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 10:18 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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I agree the mate of mine did this arround 20years ago even made Street Machine but on this on this forum all I see is the people with more than 140kw.What I ment these 170kw motors they are filled with all the great stuff but they only maintain that for 1 year. Continualy there is always blame on the day or the dyno is wrong or they didn't get it the night before any BS but they carn't keep the same figures.

Then if any person puts up an opinion all the experts come down on that person. We all would like the power of 170kw and 700nm of torque but even you must agree when you are at the upper limits of any engine it dosn't last as long as near std.

Every person has a right to say what they believe to be true without every want to expert come out of the wood work and lay s..t on them because they know best.

People like Concord have proof that you don't have to spend 10's of thousands to make this happen, his $6000 sound system came second to people puting three times that amount.

If you carn't turbo any 6cyl motor to produce more than a 20kw inprovement at $3000 then people like Snort are selling BS. You can without trying ,get 20 kw + without having to mod suspension, gearbox but buying at second hand or someone elses problem I'm sure every one knows some one who has had the perfect deal of the a failed or lost interest projects.

I'm older than most of you but I have found where there is a will theres a way to every result that you want in cars and nothing is impossible.




In Henry I Trust

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