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Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 5:39 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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mrnasty wrote:
pauly_pizza wrote:
i didn't get my car till i was 18, but still havn't really modified my performance and i was a learner for 2 years (16-18yrs old) on an ef falcon (same thing as my el now, so i have some decent experience). i only modified its appearance, sound etc making it look like a nice stock car.. and stock 4ltr has plenty of power for a unexperienced p plater.

What i think anyone under 18/19 shouldn't be thinking of moding there car, they should be learning how to drive, studying at school or starting up there opinion..

darkr wrote:
Okay I'm a P plater, and honestly, you do not really more power then an i6 provides with the kind of experiance we have.

Saying this, I drive a BA with 185.3rwhp/138rwkw. This is standard, and I know it's a bit silly because of how I drive. Also I want to do the whole exaust thing as well, It will increase my power, and fuel economy.

Is it a good idea?

Probably not.

I have a friend with a faster car then me, he's had three accidents and has only had his licence about 8 months. It's not really a good idea.

My point is, just be careful.

I know we do these mod's because we enjoy it, and want to improve our cars, which is fine. Just really don't go for the ones that are going to give you 300rwkw for a few years.

Enjoy your car mate.

Im sorry but this is just s**t, wrapping a car around a tree has nothing to do with the power, its the mentality of the driver.

You can be driving a 4 cyl ford laser and still end up around a tree.

modify your car, do whatever the f**k you want to it, but modify your self control and mentality to go with it, or you will end up a statistic.

I have 2 mates that both drive lightning quick, powerful cars, on their P plates, 1 being an 11 second VT SS and the other a 10 second VL turbo. and neither of them have had any form of an accident, and still hold their licenses. How you ask???

Because they save their urge's for the race track, controlled and safe enviroments.

what i mean by what i said is, maybe spend money somewhere else.. also other people have said this.
Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:56 pm 
Parts Gopher

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hahaha good effort nick this is one of the longest topics i have seen about nothing. hahahahahaha so where are these pics?????
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