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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 11:11 pm 
Oompa Loompa

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xpression wrote:
Shugg wrote:
If your buying the XR6T, why bother modding?

I own a XR6 AUII. I was in the market for the XR6T also. I decided against it just for cost. Now I am fully into modding my AU. I know what mods I can carry out, I know what limitations she will have, and I don't have to worry about warranty.

With the right mods I will blow the XR6T performance out the window by modding my AU in just the right way for a fraction of the cost of a new XR6T (upto $15,000 in well planned and thought through modding or $45,000 for a new car, I know I come out in front).

Being here on this forum is all about having fun with modifying your ford to achieve the best power results. This I can do with my 4 year old AUII XR6. However, if I had the new XR6T, 99% of the fun is gone, sure the power is already there but I would be very limited to what I could mod for another 3 years/100,000 KM.

May be someone else can comment on this question that I pose:-

How much power could you possibley gain by the limited modding you could do to a new XR6T?, and would it be worth it cost wise?

Just a thought, thats all.


by modding the AU you've already got no warranty, so of course it doesnt matter...
personally i think a BA is twice the car that an AU is, even if it is just for the twin cam I6 and new IRS setup..

I don`t think you can really compare th BA to the AU (please don`t take offence just my opinion.)There were aprox 150 changes made btw the 2 modells for the better. Personally I don`t think the AU looked that bad.

As for mods you can go to and look at the mod forum. I know there are people from that site that are also here. Many people have modded there turbo`s be it 2nd cai, heavier duty valve springs even piggyback units,some ford dealers will even sell you piggy back units.. What has been mentioned is a good relationship with your service department. Bovs,exhausts all should be fine.It has been said your vehicle will be blacklisted if it is seen at the drags or they beleive you have driven it in a performace manner. IE dont`t take it in for a service after you have been chucking massive burnouts with rubber stuck under your guards complaining you have a bent axle.Me mine is still stock I luv it
have purchased centre pod but am looking for gauges. The bug to mod it hasn`t bitten me yet ,but i am starting to get itchy. I personally would wait 6 months to get any manufacturing problems ironed out before I mod.
Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 10:40 pm 
Parts Gopher

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Hi mate

Just be carefull my mate you guys may have seen the car around number plates MR FPV it's a turbo ute and he done major mods, xr8 bonnet to allow 3inch tubing, two stage controller, blow off valve,and s__t loads more he ended up with 317 at the wheels then blew the bottom end ( conrod out the side ) that was on 25psi then he put it all back to standard
to claim warranty, the ford dealer pluged this never seen befor plug in and guess what the BA FPV vechicles have a black box just like a plane and told him warranty void due to hitting the rev limiter to many times, and holding revs up while braking to do burnouts as well as finding out about the 25 psi and the rest of the mods
 Post subject: BA XR6
Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 2:59 pm 
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Be wary of exhaust mods, Ford weren't going to repair my auto as they believed the new exhaust caused the fault. Lot of argument and second opinion until they came to the party
Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 3:33 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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Try gibing aps a call, im pretty sure some of their kits are made to keep manufacturers warranty, plus they have some unreal results from their kits.



-Ba xr6t, wog cooler, K&N pod on custom intake, battery moved to other side, flash, custom cooler piping, presons auto, car pc, 19" lenso speed 6, going for 300rwkw
-FZR 250- run around bike

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