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pods vs panel 


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Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 6:25 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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lol, thats what i always say to the olds, "yeah, the new cam goin in is ground for eco" :roll:




Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 6:30 pm 
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SVO XR6 wrote:
"yeah, the new cam goin in is ground for eco" :roll:

yeah i've heard the same - custom stg 4 cams are def for someone looking for both idle quality, and fuel efficiency! :P



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Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 7:00 pm 
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taken from :)
Installing a Pod filter inside the standard AU Airbox.

This is a pretty simple mod, and is pretty discreet.

The parts required:

3 inch length of 65mm PVC stormwater pipe, about 2$ from Bunnings

TFI Racing Pod Filter + Clamp, $30 from Supercheap Auto

TFI Racing Air Filter Adapter part#: 9018 $40 from Autobarn

30cms of 80mm Air Duct, approx $25 - $35 per 1 meter length from Autobarn

T Series air intake snorkel, $25 from a ford Dealer

2 clamps of about 80mm size. $10 from autobarn

Remove the standard snorkel, and replace with the T series snorkel.

This may require some reshaping with a Stanley knife to get it to fit the spot where it’s screwed in. If it’s not altered it can stop the bonnet from closing properly in some AU Models.

Remove the airbox lid and toss the paper filter from inside the box.

Next we disassemble the standard ford rubber adapter that is already attached to the outside of the airbox lid where the main intake pipe comes in from the engine. Remove it and set it aside.

Take your new steel adapter, and instead of having it pointing outwards in a standard way towards the engine intake, you reverse it so it points inwards inside the airbox lid.

Now take the standard rubber adapter, you will notice it has a raised plastic funnel that fits inside the airbox in its normal configuration. This wont fit inside the new steel adapter, so we need to trim it down to the same level as the outer ring of this funnel. I did this with a Swiss army knife. Shape it down flat so it will form a nice seal against the steel adapter.

Once done, throw some Silastic or gasket goo into the gap between the inner and outer ring of the rubber adapter.

Now attach the steel adapter to the rubber adapter and bolt into place (With the original bolts not the ones supplied with the steel adapter). The rubber should give a good seal against the steel plate, and the gasket goo/Silastic should ensure the seal stays secure.

Next we insert the 65mm pvc pipe inside the rubber flange of the airpod and install a clamp to hold it in place, this will lend rigidity to the flange. Then attach the 80mm ducting over the top of the 65mm pipe and clamp it in place.

Cut the ducting to fit inside your airbox, then clamp the other end of the ducting to the steel adapter.

Rest the pod inside the airbox, clip the lid back down and reattach the standard intake pipe to the rubber adapter. All done.

If you want, you can take this further by purchasing another steel adapter and placing it back to back with the other adapter so you can run 80mm ducting up to the throttle body. Just put some Silastic between the two plates to ensure its sealed. You may also want to install a secondary intake into the airbox, this is recommended as the pod will try and draw a lot of air.





Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 8:49 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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Just on an ED, my snorkle kinda sits in a little rut type area, now when you are saying to fit an XH snorkel i'm thinking i have to chope both of thos two thingys around the standard snorkel. it is hard with out pics if anyone could post to help me explain it.



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Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 10:47 pm 
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fun_on_rear_demister_4u wrote:
hey, just a question, does anyone have a pic of where the au xr8 snorkel goes??, like, im assuming it goes from the airbox or something, and then out to where??


Pic of mine when I installed it recently. It replaces you're exisiting intake snorkel. (the old on is on top. ie new one already installed)



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Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 12:29 pm 
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Disco Frank wrote:
mmm thats a nice idea!
i think u will still be sucking in hot air the nest idea is to use the setup from the first pic and add some heatsheilding verticalll on the left side of the pod on the4 chassis rail up anbd sealling agains bonnet( looking from the pic ) then add an AU xr8 s3 tickford snorkel through this sheild to pipe cold air to it
i wish i had a pic to explain but i dont.

ps i pod will allow more airflow over a panel for the fact there is more surface area in the pod filter than the panel

thats a sweet idea
what about some bonnet wents aswell. mass airflow.


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