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Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:40 am 
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Ok Here it is... A list of Questions that are more then likely dumb to most of you, but possibly with a few that may require the more technical answer.

My speedo jumps between speeds when the car starts cold. It starts jerking up to a speed of roughly 80 and will not go past that speed limit until it is roughly 30kms over the limit (110km). When its been in the sun or has recently been driven its fine. What could be causing this?

Im upgrading to a proformance crow cam for my EF. The site says I need new valve springs and a "chip"... What does this exactly does this mean?

My fuel consumption seems to be increasing steadily for some unknown reason. I drive the same style all the time but seem to be getting less and less KMs out of my tank. I run 98 and only 8000Kms ago had a full engine flush and also put in some injector cleaner in. What are some things that I should look at?

4.) - ECO -
Does the Econ Button actually save you fuel if you have it on all the time? Does it decrease power if its on? Is it worthwhile if your driving usually over 80Km's?

5.) - INTAKE -
What is the best and most cost effective way to maximise my intake system? I currently just have a Pod with a heat shield going onto the stock EF snorkel.

Ive never had my car serviced "proffesionally" since Ive had it. What types of servicing can you get done on a car? What types of things can you request? Is there anything I should be aware of or watch out for when it gets serviced?

Im sure Ill think of more in the future but that will do for now. Honest and straight forward answers... and do not hijack this thread please!

~ Sadist



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Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:53 pm 
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Most of these questions have been covered a zillion times, try searching.

3) What economy are you actually getting? kms per tank?

4) Read this thread: ... omy+switch

Here's a good general guide on the I6 mods
Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 1:01 pm 
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1 - my speedo is the same in the cold/wet/foggy weather. its usually the speedo sensor on the gearbox being messed up by the humidity in the air.. hehe it probably sounds dumb, but i punch the top of the dash and mine works again properly...

2 - chip would mean probably a piggy back chip for the computer, usually to be able to change the tune and put a bit more fuel through the injectors, or change stuff around to suit the cam

3 - Assuming your car runs pretty cold now that uve had ur engine flushed, what temperature is the gauge staying on? My car runs stupidly cold because its got a 'performance' thermostat dad bought me. But usually when the cars running cold, it uses more petrol trying to get the engine to temperature... But yeah cars usually run pretty rich in winter..

4 - no idea i have a 5 speed

5 - You could always go a bigger intake from the pod (3 inch stainless pipe ) and maybe a duct from the bottom of the bar or the wheel well going straight to the pod with some flexy piping.. or build a cold air box with some decent venting to the pod..

6 - You shouldnt have to be aware of anything or watch out, make sure you find somewhere you trust and that looks reputable and it should be all good.

There is so many things you can get serviced; it depends on what you want to spend, whats annoying you about the car, and how much of a perfectionist you are..

Air filter, belts, brake pads n discs, handbrake adjustment, tighten up exhaust bolts, rotate and correct tire pressure, check light globes, check suspension, wiper blades, oil/ oil filter, battery check, brake fluid, clutch checkup, power steering fluid, cooling system flush/refil/pressure test, trans fluid/band adjustment, tranny fluid filter, diff oil, test seatbelts, lube locks and hinges, steering check, wheel alignment, engine mounts, check drive shaft and tighten, wheel bearings, ball joints, plugs, leads, idle speed and mixture adjustment, fuel filter, aircon regas, dyno tunes

hopefully some of that was some use to ya mate.



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Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:03 pm 
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a basic service is an oil and filter check with an inspection of alot of what 12 slot said along with including some simple thing like lights, hornwipers all checked and a good mechanic will note down any faults/problems the car may have and advize you while its there incase you want it repaired,

the econ button in my appion does make a difference in performance as it holds gears longer and increases revs,

fuel consumption is a common issue with falcons if it really worries you replace o2 sensor, coolant temp sensor, air and fuel filters ,plugs and leads and it should improve



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