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AU III stereo wiring diagram 


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 Post subject: AU III stereo wiring diagram
Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 8:13 pm 
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Hi, I am trying to install rear sony 6X9 speakers in my AUIII series ute and I need to know the wire color codes for the rear speakers. Any help would be appreciated!!
Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 8:57 pm 
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you may have to ask ford but im guessing there are some people that have replaced their HU in the au series



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Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2004 5:47 pm 
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I got an au2 xr6 ute, with the premium sound and how did you fit the 6X9's at the rear as the brackets are only 5x7 holes?
Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 12:43 pm 
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Here's a trick I learnt in the bush. Testing the different factory loom. What you do is this you will need the following:

1 LED 12volt voltage tester

1 square 9 volt battery (like you would find in a garage door opener) and a battery connector for this battery

First you must find the constant power, ignition power and the lighting circuit. (This is not important for you to find the speaker wires but it is important if you do not want to blow a fuse.) To do this you need to turn of the ignition and disconnect your head unit.

Then you need a LED power tester. Earth the negative wire of the tester onto a metal part of the car body and put the pointy end into the terminals into the terminals on the plug that you have disconnected from the head unit. This will tell you if there is power on the end of any of these terminals.

If you have the ignition in the off position you should only find power on one of these terminals. Check the colour of the wire that this terminal corresponds to. Write this down on a bit of paper and label this wire as constant +.

Turn your ignition onto acc and check the terminals again this time you should find an extra terminal with power on it. Write down the wire colour that this corresponds to and label it switched +. Turn of the ignition.

This done you need to turn on your lights and check the terminals again. This time you should find another terminal with power on it, label this wire as the light +. Turn of the lights.

Make careful note of where the power connectors are and do not touch these again

Now you know about a third of all the wires in this loom. now you can test for where the speaker are connected and also if you have the correct polarity. Take the 9 volt battery and connect its connector to it. bare the ends of the wires and put one of the wires into one of the connector and use to other connector to quickly touch the rest of the connectors. Listen for a small pop or sound of static from one of your speakers. When this happens write down the wire's colours and label them with the speaker that they correspond to. Repeat this procedure until you find all the corresponding speaker wires. Now you will have labelled just about all the wires in the loom.

In you case you will still have 6 wires one of these is the earth, four of these are the speaker wires that you want and the final wire is the stereo mute wire.

The earth wire can be checked by using the battery and the LED tester together in parallel so that when the final wires are connected the led tester will light. Connect one of these wires into the car body and use the other to touch the final connectors of the loom. Only one of these will light the tester. This wire should be labelled negative.

Now you are down to the last five wires. By now you will have noticed a pattern in the layout of the wires the speaker wires especially. The speaker wires that you already know the positions of will give you a good idea as the wires for each speaker will be next to each other. from this you will be able to work out which of the four wires are the final speaker wires. The stereo mute wire should be in a different section of the plug likely near the constant and switched power.

The final problem that you might experience is working out the polarity of the speaker wires. This is very important when you are trying to make your car sound good. All the speakers should be firing in the same direction at the same time to do this properly.

Use your battery and note the polarity of the wires on the connector (the black is - and the red is +). Look at your notes and push the negative wire into one of the terminals for one of the speakers. Watch the speaker and use the other wire from your battery to pop the speaker. Note the direction that it travels. If it is travelling out then the battery is around the right way and the negative wire is in the negative terminal for that speaker. Note this polarity and keep this in mind when putting your new speakers in.

I hope this helps. I've installed a couple a hundred head units into many different car models and this is the easiest way to make sure you have wired it up properly when you do not have the wiring diagram.

Note: only use a small 9 volt battery (very low amps) as if you use a bigger one you will burn out you speakers. This won’t happen if you use one of the small ones.
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