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18"s on eb xr6 illegal? 


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Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 3:53 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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bentles_eb wrote:
LG wrote:
In VIC, your allowed to go by the EB GT, 17"x8", so effectively your allowed 19"x9".

Another example is the AU. My car had 16" Rims, but because the T3 had 18"x8", i'm legally allowed to fit 20"x9", whether they fit on an AU is another problem. And whether the insurance company will allow aftermarket wheels is another problem.


i was told by bob jane they take UR cars max available wheel size and go 2" up.

eb GT is nothign like a i6 EB. its just a different car.

also if ur au was a forte u wouldnt be allowed 20's it would be like 18" or 19" or whatever was 2" larger than the forte's largest wheel....

trust me i wanted 19" but could only get 17"
so you could still go up to 18"x8 coz of the 16" xr/fairlane sportsman rims that where 16 x 7 i know this coz my eb has the 16" rims and racv classed them as a std alloy coz they came out on that year car and mine a gl dont know about the gt rims as they where more tickford but then again so are the xr wheels depends whos pushin the buttons i think then they just shaft you when its time to pay up :?
Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 8:21 am 
Getting Side Ways
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I think there is a few different issues being confused here.

Insurance company rules and the law are two VERY different things. If your insurance company says they will not insure you with 18's... thats really up to them. Just find an insurance company that will insure you.

in NSW legally you can have larger rims as long as the CIRCUMFERENCE changes by no more than 25mm. Not the diameter (common mistake - I have even corrected the police about that when I was pulled over)

So basically - as long as you go to a lower profile tyre, you can get a larger wheel.

If you are really stuck on the "but my tyre placard says I can only have 15's" go to ford and buy a new one. They cost about $5. (just ask the spare parts guy for a tyre placard that states 18" tyres)

So pretty much.... in NSW - LEGALLY you can have 18's or 19's on an EB, BUT your insurance company might not insure you.


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 Post subject: wheels
Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:58 pm 
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I got pulled up and got a caution, for having 18's on my ef, the cop thought the rule was 2 inches in the wheel diameter, He checked the spare wheel, which was a 15 inch steel wheel, I wondered what would happen if I had a 16 inch rim as a spare? And changed the sticker on the drivers door, are the cops going to know that? No way. Anyway , I looked into it, Dad owns a servo who does blue slips, read all the RTA bulletins and all that exciting stuff, hours later found a section which says You are not allowed to go over or under 15mm in OVERALL WHEEL AND TYRE DIAMETER, and a 205/65/15 tyre and rim is bigger overall then a 235/40/18 inch tyre and rim!! not by much though, so therefore its still legal. I photocopied this piece of paper and carry it with me now at all times, If you have any doubts, ask you local rego place, they should know, they deem your car roadworthy or not. I'm in NSW by the way. Probably different state 2 state.
 Post subject: Re: 18"s on eb xr6 illegal?
Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 12:31 am 
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taurean01 wrote:
hey guys...
my mate was gonna get some 18" rims for hes eb xr6 but the insurance company told him its illegal to fit them on.. does anyone know why this is?

cheers... :)
look at your tyre plackard!! in NSW u are able to go 2" biger then ur standed size!! but in saying that im not sure if WA is the same as us!! :?



tubed and blown XD ute here u come!! yahoooo!!

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