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Headlight Adjustment 


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 Post subject: Headlight Adjustment
Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 1:27 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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Ok. I'm p****d off. At the moment I'm p****d off at the world for not having the info I wanted on teh net, but underneath I'm p****d off at myself for breaking my new headlights!

I put new reflectors in my EF Falcon on the weekend. I went to adjust them last night and found two adjustments.

One's @ the back near where you put the low beam globe in. This adjusts the headlights up and down... the low beams is all it would adjust on my reflectors.

There's another adjustment over on the indicator end of the headlight assembly. I can't figure out what this does. I've been turning and turning in both directions and nothing happens, and now I've broken the gears there!

The problem I have is that one side is good, but the other side has the high beam shining on the road about 1 foot from the bumper and nothing I seem to do will bring it up. The low bean is aimed good though on that side. So if i raise the high beam with the knob near the low beam, the high beam might be right, but the low beam will be shining up god's kilt.

Does anyone here know how to adjust these headlights properly?
Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 2:06 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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the high and low beam work together, one knob does up/down and the other left/right for the entire light, not the individual globes. If you have broken the gears you might be having some troubles and need to replace them.



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Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 5:44 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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the best way i found:
1.. find a long straight abandond road at night and line your car up.

2.. place a witches hat or some thing about 100-150m infront.

3.. disconect your high beam spotlights (the inner bulbs ot lights) and turn your high beam on. you can cover them up but you may warp your lense if u put something too close to the lights.

4.. use the orange adjusters on the back to bring your lights upto the witches hat or a comfortable distance in front in a concentrated pattern to the middle of the road. you may find it easier with one headlight shining at a time.

5.. you can use the top adjustres to move your lights from side to side i think its a 5 or 6mm alan key. the top or sise to side adjusters are a very fine adjustment so if they are out of wack you need to adjust the whole headlights at their fixing points.

6.. re conect it all back together and take it for a test drive.

your outside set of light should be for distance and your inner set of lights are for coverage between the front of the car and to where your outer lights start to shine.

hope that helps



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 Post subject: Re: Headlight Adjustment
Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 7:18 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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For info for anyone else LIKE ME who does searches about adjusting EF Headlights, here's an answer to part of the OP's question - ie. I can't explain his high beam issue, but the adjusters work like this:

Knob on back of each light turns COUNTERCLOCKWISE to RAISE the lights (and of course clockwise to lower them).

The adjusters at the outer top corner of each headlight unit are for LEFT/RIGHT adjustment - they are a screwdriver or SIX MILLIMETER ALLEN KEY - and CLOCKWISE on each side brings the lights TOWARD THE CENTRE OF THE CAR - ie. clockwise adjustment of the LEFT (passenger) headlight unit adjuster moves the beam to the RIGHT - and clockwise adjustment of the RIGHT (driver) headlight unit moves the beam to the LEFT (and vice / versa of course for each).

I've read comments that the lateral adjusters are very responsive whilst the vertical ones are slow to change - but my headlights are exactly the opposite - the vertical knob adjustment reacts very quickly whilst the lateral adjusters take lots and lots of turns for small response. Take care with those lateral adjusters - work them slowly and carefully as they involve driving plastic gears which WILL f*&k out if ur rough with them.



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