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Help with hho production on 98 f-150 (newbe) 


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 Post subject: Help with hho production on 98 f-150 (newbe)
Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:20 pm 
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Hello everyone,
new to this but am very intrested in hho. I have a system that i built a few weeks ago. it will hold about 25 gallons of water. i have ran it on 12 volts but i also hooked it up on 48 volt (6 , 8 volt batterys and the gas production tripled at least. i have not measured it lpm but i have just watched the bubbles pump out of a bottle of water when gas is pushed in. anyone know or already tested some of these ideas. all this is on my truck. 1998 f-150 4.7 L v8.Please give me tips on how to make my truck run on this gas (electronically). I am in the golf cart buisness so i have these batterys and a charger that i plan on charging them nightly. Any help would be great but i am not a smart man in this field so dont use abreviations. THANKS
Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:27 pm 
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Ive been asking alot of the same questions.

HHO seems like a miracle, it might be or it might not be.

The thing is that to supplement petrol into an engine you need to make sure you have correct or near correct air and fuel ratios.

Lets say you get a good hho cell working, a well sealed unit with a strong injection connection happening with a suitable fitting.

You would obviously need to stick it onto the air induction before the throttlebody of course, with an attachment to the throttle cable as you want a variable level of hho not a continuous one.

Also, when you are leaning off the petrol mix, or cutting it off altogether you will have part or full hho fuel burning in your cylinders, this is assuming that you get to this stage and the car starts etc, it will take alot of work and engineering.

hho, i know its very explosive so i think that means it has a very low octane rating.
(Kerosene, metholated spirits, 98 octane petrol and lpg have high octane ratings as fuels)

What i am trying to get at is that it will burn and ACT differently to petrol, similar to lpg, you will probably need a mixer setup for a correct installation.

The ebay kits, (and just recently an Australian company has just started selling it) have a little box device that leans out your petrol mixture.
Thats fine, your trying to supplement your petrol with hho, but cars mixtures change with how hard you accelerate, loads etc.

If you know someone with a gas car, my car has it, a little box under the bonnet with a blue and red light which shows you if the mixture is too lean or too rich, you would need to use one of those, know enough about electronics to adapt it to be able to use hho as the mixtures may be different, this would also be hooked up to the lpg mixer and adjust the injection accordingly.

Water injection would be a good idea, since your supplementing fuels (and its not easy) your likely to end up running it lean at some point, if not all the time, plus your valves may wear out faster (as lpg does) and the engine will run alot hotter (lpg again), so water injection will cool the combustion tempretures.

Timimg, i dont know alot about engine timing (cam) but since your running a lower octane fuel (quicker burn) your timing will need to be altered, i would guess.

Best advice i could give you would be to try this on an old lawn mower or something similar, it will be hundreds of times easier with no risk of damaging your engine :)



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