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My results of HHO on a 2006 KIA Sorento w/ a 3.5L V6. 


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 Post subject: My results of HHO on a 2006 KIA Sorento w/ a 3.5L V6.
Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:39 am 
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First of all I love this HHO stuff. And I am SOOO sick of hearing people put it down by saying things like "the amount of energy consumed to produce HHO from the electrical system consumes more than what you get out". To people who think that way... let me explain the economics to ya:

1) I was spending 400 a month on fuel.
2) My first HHO cell has boosted my city milage from about 12 MPG to 26.6 MPG.
3) My unit consumes just under 10 amps during normal operation but may peak to 20 amps on a really hot day stuck in traffic with no air flow.
4) Even if I have to buy a new batter every three months... they cost about 50 dollars. I am saving almost 200 per month in fuel. So 200 X 3 months = 600, minus the cost of a new battery 50, minus my time and labor to replace it... i am still way out in front.

My first unit utilized 5/16" thread-all that was attached to a smooth surface PVC endcap on 4" pvc with a tube that was about 2' in length.

Each thread-all had approximatley 21 304 stainless steel 2" washers on them and the two rods intersected to where they almost touched. My polarity was +-+-+-+-+-+-.

I am VERY happy with the results considering the cost invested. Yes, my unit doesn't put out 1 liter a minute like most advertise... Prob only about 500ml a minute. However too much HHO scares me because I don't want it popping holes in my pistons and/or resulting in a retarded inginition inside the chamber that would counter-act my gains.

As fas as those of you who say... OMG, you put that on a new vehicle that is still under warranty? Yeap, I sure did! And it's all zip ties and can be totally removed in under 10 minutes. Trust me, if I pop the engine... it will be going in for service and if they don't want to fix it... Then I will get the lawyer and the warranty information and pick apart every english word and it's definition.

For those of you who have taken the time to post your findings, your plate designs, your failures and successes... i can't thank you enough! you have probably saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars!

My most recent design is cells made from a martha steward steamer that can be found at kmart for 6.99. TAKE A MAGET WITH YOU!!! The sets available vary in their quality of stainless. Test each set on the shelf and buy the one with the least pull on the magnet.

Each plate is about 2X3 inches and there are small tabs on the end to attach stuff. Each tab is also perforated and really pumps out the HHO!

I myself welded tabs on the the cells I wanted to use to result in a:
+n-n+n-n+ configuration. Consumes less about 5 amps and outputs over 100ml per minute. Even when wired in series with other units... I can get the amperage down to almost 2 amps with about 200ml of output per minute.

So I figure I will keep building them so I will end up with about 4-5 cell packs... Each that consumes about 2 amps. They ride VERY cool, don't overheat and remain stable for 5 hours at a time.

I also don't use copper inside my cell anymore! I use stainless steel wire from ace hardware... And I just place it inside a tube to help insulate it from shorting out.

Good luck to all!!! i will post some pics one of these days.




HHO is the way to go.

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