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What the f**k new tax on LPG revealed in budget... 


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 Post subject: Re: What the f**k new tax on LPG revealed in budget...
Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 10:10 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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The place is amazing and I like the idea of a big F150-250 on propane, natural gas, biodiesel or anyone of the alternative bio fuels that's available over there for peanuts. did I say peanuts, well that's another fuel right there. :lol:

bugger the whinging & thumb twiddling, I'll be moving over in 4 years to a place where the actually look after the people, not enslaving them for every bit of penny like blood sucking leeches. :lol:



Mind f**k!!! it works on feeble minded ignorant sheeples... there's plenty of em on this site... some are very intelligent but by god they are so thick!!!

Pakrat wrote:
You can buy them seppertly

 Post subject: Re: What the f**k new tax on LPG revealed in budget...
Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 3:11 am 
Getting Side Ways
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Well fellow Fordmodders,

The Tax on LPG has been known for some time. Let's face it, it's still cheaper than petrol for the same distance. Maybe the gap is getting a lot smaller than it was, but it's still cheaper.

I can remember LPG being about 5cpl, and my mums 351 XD Wagon was about $8 or something crazy to fill up. Back then wages were less as well, so if we add some inflation on both sides of the equation, maybe fuel was cheaper, but by how much compared to wages?

Yes the average wage is not what the media makes it out to be. It's blasted in the media like it is to help drive the enslavement of the working class. It makes businesses think people have money, so prices go up, it makes the Reserve Bank go oh, wages are on the increase, inflation is going up, let's raise the interest rate (which they f**k well know DOESN'T Control INFLATION ANYMORE!).The direction that is going in isn't going to change unless we stop buying cheap s**t from China, save our money for a little while & buy some better quality items that won't break & have to be replaced so often. We also need to make many lifestyle changes, to have a serious affect on the way things are going.

As Jose has said, we need to stop loading up on so much debt. Do you really need that brand spankin new G6E turbo? Hell, i'd love one, but i have other more important things ( shelter - my house) to pay for first! I'm rather happy cruzing around in my old EB's, Mighty boy & so on, as that is what i can afford!

We also need a government to grow some balls & start to have government owned companies, where the profits end up paying for services for the people, not just taxes! The Government can take a world first approach & really get into it, start by a government run refinery, making bio fuels for the working class to use. There are many ways to produce bio fuels, we have plenty of resources in this country to do it, but nobody with the balls to go out & do it. There are crops that can be farmed in poor land with little water to produce bio fuels with, we have lots of unused rail car's that can cart grain & liquid transport sitting idle, that can move the fuels or raw materials from the bush to the city for processing if required. Hell, just a government bio fuels operation could have such big flow on effects, it's hard to really comprehend!

There's some economic stimulus for ya Mr Rudd!





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