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Warning to all about WSID. 


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 Post subject: Warning to all about WSID.
Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:19 pm 
Oompa Loompa
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This is just a general warning to all about being careful with the tickets you purchase from wsid. This was posted on another forum site but would be good to spread the word to everyone so as to becareful.

BEWARE of fraudulent tickets at WSID!!!!

Unfortunately, d**k (d**k Electronics), Erik (Lautray) & I were caught up in a fraudulent ticket incident last night at WSID & d**k & I were accused of entering WSID using fake tickets!!

Just a rundown of what happened...
I met Erik at the competitor entry gate as he asked me if I wanted to be his crew.. Erik drove to the ticket booth first, paid for his competitor ticket & also paid for 2 crew tickets for d**k & I.. The lady in the booth handed him his 2 tickets & they drove off.. I then went to the ticket booth & told the lady that I was crewing for Erik. She said “yes that’s fine, he already told meâ€￾ & she handed me a crew/spectator ticket & a car pass ticket.. The 3 of us went to the scrutineering shed to sign in & get our arm bands..
Anyway, half way through the night a security guard came up to Erik’s car and asked him where his 2 crew were (d**k & I) as Jim Reed wanted to see us. Erik asked if he should come aswell & the security guard said “yes, you may aswell as it’s your carâ€￾. So, the 3 of us went to the scrutineering shed where Jim Reed was waiting for us. He called us into 1 of his offices, and this was basically how the conversation/interrogation went..

Jim – “where did you two get your tickets from?â€￾ (asking d**k & I)
All 3 of us – “from the ticket boothâ€￾
Jim – “that’s impossible as these 2 tickets are fraudulentâ€￾
3 of us – “what???â€￾ “what do you mean?â€￾
Jim – “these tickets were not printed in our ticket booth, they are fraudulent tickets & I want to know where you got them fromâ€￾
Us – “we got them from the ticket boothâ€￾

Jim then proceeded to show us how if you wipe the ticket with your finger, the ink comes off.. He also told us that there was a mis-print on our tickets which was not the same as legitimate tickets. He also told us that 2 tickets with the same ticket number as ours had already been handed in.. Therefore, this was his proof that these tickets were not legit!

Jim – “these tickets did not come from our ticket booth so please tell me where you got them fromâ€￾
3 of us – “we got them from the ticket booth!â€￾
Erik – “I don’t understand, so are we supposed to check our tickets every time we come to WSID to make sure the ink doesn’t rub off?â€￾ (Erik said this quite politely & was asking a genuine question I might add)
Jim – “don’t get smart! I’m trying to do the right thing here, I could have called the police already but I thought id ask you all first, but if your going to be smart I will call the police down here right nowâ€￾
Erik – “I'm sorry, I wasn’t being smart but I just don’t understand how we were supposed to know that the tickets were not legitâ€￾
Me – “can you please call the lady that was in the ticket booth, I’m sure she will remember me as my car is bright pink & I asked her where I needed to park & she told me to follow Erik & that I better hurry up as he is already driving off.. I’m sure she will remember me, like I said my car is bright pink!! Can you please call her here so she can tell you that we got our tickets from her?â€￾
Jim – “she has gone home for the night unfortunately. Anyway, I have known that girl for many years, her husband is one of our directors, I know that she wouldn’t have sold you a fraudulent ticketâ€￾
Erik – “we are not accusing her of selling us fraudulent tickets on purpose, maybe she didnt know, but obviously something weird is going on here as we got our tickets from the boothâ€￾
Jim – “well a roll of tickets was stolen from here a few weeks ago; that employee does not work with us anymore, so if you can tell us where you got the tickets from then we will be able to get to the bottom of itâ€￾
All of us “we bought the tickets from the ticket boothâ€￾

Anyways, the conversation went on & on & on, with the 3 of us saying that we bought the tickets from the booth & Jim Reed saying that it was impossible..
Now the weird thing is, Erik was handed 2 tickets, 1 for himself & 1 for d**k.. Erik’s ticket was fine but d**k was fraudulent.. I got handed 2 tickets aswell, 1 spectator & 1 car pass, my car pass was fine but my spectator ticket was fraudulent!! Explain that one!?!

The conversation goes on!!! (Sorry about the looooooonnnnnggggg post!!)

Me – “well obviously if my car pass is fine then it clearly shows that Erik had paidâ€￾
Jim – “no it doesn’t, you could have got the car pass from a different place to where you got the spectator ticketâ€￾
Me – “well we got all the tickets from the ticket booth at exactly the same timeâ€￾ “how is it possible to get one ticket and not the other?â€￾
Jim – “well I can’t explain thatâ€￾ “Do you mind if I keep this car passâ€￾
Me – “no that’s fineâ€￾
Jim – “ok we will need to get both your details (d**k & I) as we will be passing them onto Blacktown policeâ€￾
Us – “okâ€￾
Jim – “we also have about 10 other tickets from tonight that were fraudulent & we will be speaking to those people aswellâ€￾
Erik – “well if there is other people that have received fake tickets then obviously that shows that something is going on in the ticket boothâ€￾
Jim – “not necessarily, all 10 of you could have got your tickets from the same place..â€￾
Erik – “but we got our tickets from the boothâ€￾
Jim – “I can’t explain thatâ€￾
Erik – “I understand that this is your company & you’re just doing your job but I’m telling you, we bought these tickets from the ticket boothâ€￾ “maybe they weren’t printed in the booth as you say, but they were definitely given to us from the boothâ€￾
d**k – “so what will you do when you find out that we did infact buy these tickets from the boothâ€￾
Jim – “well I can’t answer that as these tickets were not printed in our ticket boothâ€￾
Jim – “ok well ill be handing your details & all paperwork over to Blacktown police, so when you get a call from them you will know what it’s aboutâ€￾
Us – “yesâ€￾
Jim – “sorry for any inconveniences, I will give you a complimentary ticket for next weekâ€￾

Then we left his office.. He didn’t give us any complimentary tickets by the way!!! But yeah, that’s basically how most of our night was spent..
This whole incident was absolutely ridiculous!!! Jim Reed did not want to listen to a word we were saying & he definitely didn’t believe us at all!!
Anyway, the 3 of us have nothing to hide so I don’t mind speaking to the police.. Although, being accused of something that you didn’t do is just BS!!!!!

So yeah, just a bit of a warning to check your tickets when you go to WSID!! When you get to the ticket booth make sure you see the ticket print from the machine! And/or wipe your ticket to make sure that the ink doesn’t rub off!!!!!
Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 3:42 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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well thats a bit f**k then. would take the shine off of the night thats for sure.



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