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Wheels: 380vrx vs bfxr6 vs vzsv6 


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Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 6:57 pm 
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Waggin wrote:
Magna Driver wrote:
Just wait for the Ralliart it s**t over your XR6T's :lol:

Yeh, thats a great comparison. A family car vs a race tuned production car.

yeh to make it fair, lets go F6 typhoon VS ralliart magna IF it happens..
Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:51 pm 
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the f6 will rip that ralli art heap of s**t a new a**hole...



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Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 2:06 pm 
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Lets be honest here. The 380 and it's sporty variants are never going to be a match for might of the XR6 T. The XT, Futura, Fairmont etc, maybe, but certainly not the T. As for a "Ralliart" 380, Let's just wait and see before we go making poorly executed comments like "yeh to make it fair, lets go F6 typhoon VS ralliart magna IF it happens..". I mean, let's not loose our grip on reality here people.
 Post subject: Iam scared
Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 11:34 pm 
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Oh no the motor giant s**t is going to topple the little Ford car manufacturer.

Get real girl, Magna Driver.

To do such a thing the f@rt would have to have a huge weight avantage and to say it would have a better interior layout than the Falcon would have to be a first(Is ford going to sell its newest future interior design to them to accomplish this).

You would have a better arguement if you chose the lancer in your statement, that is in performance not interior or on whole quality.

Mits is struggling and I do feel very sorry for them if what the 380 is said to be in the wheels review is going to be the markets decision on weather to purchase or not.
Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:20 am 
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I had the pleasure, yes pleasure ladies and germs. Of driving the GT 380 yesterday. And I have to tell you, I don't understand what wheels magazine were on about. The car is very good, and in the flesh, it's quite attractive, and has a good stance.

I was driving home yesterday after having gotten a test drive to have my diff fixed in the near future, when I saw the 380 at a Mitsub car yard and pulled over.
I just wanted to have a look in the flesh, I told them I was a Ford man and wasn't buying anything, but the guy must have thought I was a reviewer or something. After a 20 minute run down, where upon he went into his dealer driver day, and how they test drove the Falcon, Toyota, Commodore and 380, where he said even the Falcon was a poor driver (Which I didn't put up with because I've driven an XT and know better :wink: ), he finally says to me, look you must have drive.
So I said yeah just down the back street over there. So he takes me down there, gives me the keys and then sends me all over the Darlington area. It was a 45 minute full on, wind road, steep incline, fast corners test drive. Speed, dynamics, braking, sound system. The lot. And this car has the lot too. Hard to tame and keep under 80 kmh, very easy to drive. Very tight, good suspension. Really good.
The interior's different to what we're used to. But the quality is excellent with great attention to detail. Looked great in black perforated leather, and the leather was of fine quality. What was interesting was the rubberized surfaces of the dash and arms rests on all doors. It's all non glare and rubber like to the touch. Reminds me of a particular component stereo system Sherwood had out a few years ago, where all the surfaces has that rubberized skin all over it. Which brings me to all of the controls, air-con, volume, all the dials had a quality stereo, dampened tactile, indented when changing position, feel about them. Great stuff. But that dash would take a little getting used to, although nice as it is.
Only problems I found were that the front seats tended to sag and lose that hugging of the body feel at the base of the thighs, and she tends to pull to the right when you turn corners, while letting the steering wheel naturally swing back to position while accelerating. Is this what is meant by Torque Steer, which would be the only indication on the whole drive that this was a front wheel drive car.
Otherwise, it's a friggin beast. Anyone else test driven the thing yet?

Interesting to note. No all wheel drive is planned. Even though he assured me that if they do in fact go ahead with it in the near future, they are undecided. They have a V8 they can use that is on the Mitsubishi shelf at their disposal. Not too sure about all that. What I am sure about, is it would be very wise for Ford, not to rest for a second, and to keep striving for excellence and to listen closely to what the Ford buyer says. Because the competition, IMO, just took a massive leap forward.
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