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Police defend speeding policy 


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 Post subject: Re: Police defend speeding policy
Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:12 pm 
Smokin em up
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Lukeee wrote:
Its s**t!

I got done for doing under 10km/h in a 50 zone Saturday night.

My reasoning was that I was going down a pretty steep hill but the officer just laughed and said "what do you think you have brakes for?"

I simply responded saying you were tailgating me the whole time, didn't pull me over straight away (followed me for a good 1 or 2km after the hill) meaning you would have been speeding too am I correct officer? Not to mention the fact that you didn't leave a safe gap between my car and your own car, what if I decided to brake suddenly, you would've hit me?
He just says wait here.

Meanwhile his passenger is checking the car out (tyres, exhaust, headlights etc) but I turned the car off when I saw him get out of the car.

Walks back with a ticket for "exceed speed under 10km/h" (reckons I was doing 70km/h which I call s**t) but anyway his response was simply "I've cut you a lot of slack, its double demerits remember, slow down".

I simply took the ticket and drove off without making a comment.

While yes I know they're just doing their job, and yes I know I was minutely speeding, I believe that being booked for under 10km/h going down a reasonably steep hill was a bit harsh.

Anyway apparently they're introducing 54 new "Safety Cameras" in NSW :roll:

I dunno how they make make intersections "safer" if people are slamming their brakes (because they can't speed up) when the light goes yellow and old mate behind them doesn't have a chance to stop in time. ... 016-report

/End rant.

hey just be thankful you didnt loose you whole dam license last w/e

i got done...bloodly double demerits made it an 8 pointer! :(




 Post subject: Re: Police defend speeding policy
Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:28 am 
Stock as a Rock

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Not to mention the 5%? speedo allowance on every car in Aus.

So when you think you're at 102 klms an hour and you spot the speedo van in Vic (zero tolerance s**t) and you hit the pics on the highway because you think you're over when in fact you are technically under and cause a pile up i bet they don't collate those figures.

vehicle policing these days is a bloody joke in QLD they run around in modified xr6t's Fpv's and Hsv's ticketing modified Xr6t's Fpv's and Hsv's.

I own an ex chaser (povo pack xt sedan) and the thing came out of the factory lower than my lowered fg mk2 turbs - because police pack not to mention the tune in it the LSD and the Speed limiter removed. Such a joke it really is!



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 Post subject: Re: Police defend speeding policy
Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:23 am 
Getting Side Ways
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i especially like the whole "SPEED KILLS" that has been rammed into everyones head.

now days there are no contributing factors in fatal accidents like road condition, car condition driver expirience etc...

now its just if you go 5 km over the limit you WILL DIE.

reminds me of something i saw on the old bookface. in america its not people that kill people its guns that kill people, so lets lock up all them murderous guns before they get anyone else.



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