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Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:25 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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cardinal_eb wrote:
no offence but what is it with ppl trying to boost their falcons for next to nothing.
yeh sure you can do it on the cheap but it will be exactly that. CHEAP and Nasty. If your lucky you will be fully sick for a few days before it goes bang

coz some people dont have bottomless bank accounts

no offence but zoom magazine would disagree, using 2nd hand turbos and manifolds etc, done cheap they torbo charged a stock ED Gli and got a good hard 30 000 kms out of it, then sold it in good working order

actualy on that XR6 ute one of the original turbos they used ended up with a leaking oil seal and the head gasket blew.

they built the manifolds and dump pipes them selves. did all the work.
aqnd you find %99 of people who have to ask these questions, can't do the work them selves and have to pay to have it done.




Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:31 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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and they spent alot of money too, over 5k. Standard ecu, chipped, running around 500cc injectors... they ran just on 200wkws befor the eec ran out of resolution for mapping timing and couldnt be retarded anymore.
Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 12:41 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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Im confident i will be able to fit and get the turbo up and running i just want to know everything i can about it b4 i think about buying parts and installing. Dont want to waste a whole heap of money buying a bad part or the wrong part and doing a bit of dmg due to lack of knowledge. Neways thanks for the input its been helpful
Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 12:18 pm 
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CHEF wrote:
I think the only way poeple will ever realize that you cant do it cheaply is to have a go and do it... then find out the hard way when the motor starts to run like crap and drop a few cyl's.

If it was cheap, EVERYONE on this forum would do it

Amen to that !

Even if you learn as you go (as I am doing in some capacity)...that is the only real way to know what works and what doesn't...everyone can advise and educate...but until you have experienced it all first hand, it doesn't make much sense.

You can do it on the cheap as it has been stated just have to know how to go about it - keep AFRs healthy to avoid pinging / play with timing etc.

It's all nice to hear wonderful things on forums...I just wouldn't give much weighting to those who have little knowledge / experience and reiterate 'stuff they have heard' in other threads by others.

Back on topic - gryph - I think you will find sourcing parts quite reasonable / cheap...there are lots of second hand turbos and parts around...just be prepared to spend some $ on dyno time...if you want it done properly, you will need to dyno tune to at least make sure AFRs are ok when on boost. Standard compression will be fine for low-ish boost. An extra injector is a good work-around for an interim solution. The dyno will also tell you where the weak point in your system is...make sure you source a turbo with a big enough exhaust housing for a start ! T04 would be the smallest to go for the 4L.

My 2c



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