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A few more random questions/ideas. 


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 Post subject: A few more random questions/ideas.
Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:48 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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Hey, I'm just trying to work out what car I'll build next, and how I'll build it and what parts I want to use etc. I'm going to build another car in November, I just haven't fully worked out what I'll build, or the best way to go about it, so I'm gonna ask some specific questions:

1) What is required to run a carby'd intake on an EFI windsor motor? I'm assuming I'll need carby, manifold, dissy, and some kind of electric fuel pump. Does everything off an old windsor bolt up to the E7 Heads? What about the GT40P's?

2) What's required to make an EFI windsor fit into an XD/XE/XF chassis? I know I'll need to get some V8 engine mount base plates, but I assume everything else will pretty much bolt up if I use a C10 or Single rail transmission. Which radiator do I need to use?

3) Is there any reason that I can't bolt up a 4 speed auto from an E Series windsor to a Cleveland motor, and have it work properly? I know that I'll need to run a throttle position sensor, and a stand alone TCM

4) What's the options for going EFI on a Cleveland?

There's a few questions for now, I'll ask more later.

 Post subject: Re: A few more random questions/ideas.
Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:53 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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you will need a low pressure electric fuel pump for the carby, you can buy external low pressure fuel pumps from repco, but ebay or elsewhere might have better quality for a better price?

As for the btr you could run the btr with the stand alone tcm like you said with the required sensors,
why not run all the injection gear off the 302 wheezer in an old x series if you wanted a btr behind it?
edit: i recall reading somewhere the btr will need a custom rear mount made to hold it in the car,



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 Post subject: Re: A few more random questions/ideas.
Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:04 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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Ive done the EFI 5.0 and 4 speeder into an XF.

Carby intake is as simple as buying one. There are a number that have the right port shape for the later engines. I was going to use an Edelbrock performer at one point.
Fuel pump - will need to be electric unless you want to swap the entire front running gear. But thats no biggy. Dizzy - you can get a Jaycar adjustable ignition kit and use the E Series Dizzy - or there are a bunch of aftermarket ones.

What are you looking at bolting off the old Windsor? - you shouldnt need anything. Engine mounts are same as clevo (although they may take some massaging). The 40Ps can be made to work with the right extractors (CRS claim theres will work. I used their headers on E7's).

Otherwise the EFI Windsor itself fits fine. Good clearance everywhere.

Radiator - Use the XD/E/F Radiator. Standard overflow setup for an X Series V8. Hose wise - I used the Lower from an XW i think (Windsor), and there was a top hose that just fell into place as well. Its all in my thread (Nigel's 87XF) on

The 4 Speed Auto : on a late (unleaded I think) XF, the rear transmission mounts were changed to the EA (3 speed) style - so the 4 speed doesnt fit in. It hits the transmission body mounts. I drilled the spot welds out, and then welded in a set of EB/NC transmission body mounts in the right location, and it fit fine. If its an XD -> XE, you should be able to make it work easily and simply modify the trans crossmember (the transmissino mount is located further back).

Use an EA TCM, or you should be able to use an EB -> ED V8 TCM stand-alone. You need to get the TPS (from whatever carb you use) for the TCM to work, but that should be the worst of it.

Ask XR9UTE about Clevo EFI options. or look at one of the EZEFI setups that just replace your 4Barrel.

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