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Exhaust combinations/ideas/ what have you got? 


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 Post subject: Exhaust combinations/ideas/ what have you got?
Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:29 pm 
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Hi all,

I'm considering forking out some cash soon and giving the LTD some much needed exhaust love (not in that way), I was looking at getting some pacemaker Tri-Y's and doing the same setup Mick (NCIILane) has, the twin pipes with 3 hotdog resonators in each pipe, 2 at the front, 2 in the middle and 2 at the back. My question is, seeing these 302's need back pressure, will this system give the engine the back pressure it needs? It sounds bloody mint, but i don't wanna chuck it on just cause it sounds good. That is my preferred option anyway.

Another thing, where can you source the hot dogs from? a place in NZ called Coby make them, but they charge $80 a piece :shock: that would be $480 for the mufflers alone. I don't mind buying from Oz, if they work out cheaper than here in NZ.

I was looking at the Flow masters (and their cheaper copy versions), how many would i need if i went this way and what sort of sound would they give compared to the hotdogs? I want a deep note, but a clear note that makes the car sound ballsy like it should, i hate drone. I currently just have the single factory pipe running to a single factory muffler, then 3" pipe from muffler to rear of car, drones like a b**ch.

I'm wanting a twin system, both exiting out the same side.

I would be looking at a budget of say $1200, this would include the headers (Paceys $800), so that leaves little for mufflers, i have a friend in an exhaust shop who can make it up for me, although i'm not sure how much it would cost for the pipe/labour. Is it possible?!



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 Post subject: Re: Exhaust combinations/ideas/ what have you got?
Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:59 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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Will be good to see the LTD with a nice exhaust setup mate, make sure you get vid's up as soon as its done :mrgreen: :lol:

Have you had a talk with Autobend? They may do some sort of hotdog type resonators that might be what your after. With my experience with both them and coby, Autobend seems to have slightly better prices when it comes to exhaust systems. Its a pity Autobend doesnt do a better ready made bolt on performance exhaust other than the single 3" for the V8's, if they did twin 2 1/4's and maybe twin 2.5" i reckon they would sell like hotcakes :lol:. That system on Mick's LTD sounds bloody awesome aye, remember seeing vid's of that floating around on his build thread i think.

I know this isnt a 302 but just to give you an idea....

A mate of mine got a custom dual press bent 2.5" exhaust done on his V8 Soarer in mild steel a couple of months back. He had 2x Flowmaster 40 series mufflers (1 each pipe), a balance pipe and had both cats removed. All i can say is it sounds f**k mint IMO, one of the loudest V8's ive ever heard to be honest due to being a straight-through pipe system with 2 mufflers and thats it. Has a very unique mean grunty tone to it and the Flowmasters give off this wicked sound when you get off the gas after hammering it, so i can only imagine how good it would sound on a real V8 :lol:. However with no cat's and no other mufflers or resonators, it drones like a b**ch at lower rpm's when cruising or under load so id say some resonators would be a must if you are going with Flowmaster mufflers. Closest thing i can find that resembles that sound it makes on his Soarer is this which is pretty much the exact same sound..

His system set him back around $1400 mark made and fitted just for the exhaust alone :shock: (retained standard exhaust manifolds at this point - i'd love to know the cost of those lol). The Flowmasters alone would of been a $400-$500 a pair as he got them off Trade Me lol. Had it done at Pitstop so its no suprise why they stung him so much for it - they are f**k rip off's up here.

If you are looking at Flowmaster mufflers and their copies, ive heard on other US V8 forums that Flowsound mufflers are supposedly almost identical for a fraction of what the Flowmaster's cost :wink:



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 Post subject: Re: Exhaust combinations/ideas/ what have you got?
Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:05 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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Nothing wrong with Magnaflow cats and mufflers.



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