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Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 12:07 am 
Getting Side Ways
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Chich wrote:
Snow_white wrote:
Chich wrote:
The only difference between the Fairmont and the Ghia is a bit of plastic chrome and the leather which will eventually crack and turn shiny anyway.


-vct engine
-more chrome
-better wheels
-premium sound
much more to list.. :D

- LSD was a $200 option on the Fairmont
- VCT wasn't around in the EF/EL days
- Leather was s**t Howe leather that looks like vinyl and cracks after a few years use. When this happens you spend $$ getting it retrimmed, something that you could've done in a Fairmont to begin with.
- Woodgrain was plastic stuck to the door with double sided tape. In my opinion is that if it aint real don't put it there.
- Chrome was plastic not metal so it shouldn't be too long before it starts peeling off and/or fading. Refer to above
- Wheels are dependant on the individuals taste. In either case they were too small and narrow.
- Premium sound was rubbish. Installing a decent headunit would've left Fords 'premium' sound for dead. Even if the head unit was up to it you're not going to produce crystal clear sound with 5 1/4" paper cones and an 8" sub that shook the parcel shelf to the s**t..

-XR6 engine

all i am saying is that the ghia cam with a lot more standard optiond then the mont :D

Oh... and about the leather cracking etc... it wouldn't crack in my hands, nothing lasts without maintanance.



237.9 KW ATW


Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 12:24 am 
Smokin em up
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offyaguts, what price have you got on the manual conversion?, considering it for my lane.



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Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 12:50 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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yobboford wrote:
4.9 EF Futura wrote:
Carn the poverty pack V8!! All that unecessary weight in the luxury models..... all that unnecessary cost in the XRs...

Track down a 5.0L GLi... the money you save on the XR, get some decent hardware on the windsor (h/c/i/blower) whack a 5spd in her, superlows, ppl wont know what hit em. Lol, who cares what the seats are made of? We're talking V8s here.

at last, the first sensible post in this whole thread, lol.....

if you want luxury you belong in a old folks home, come on, this is ford mods, not soft C**k...... when you blow away that commodore at the lights do you think he is gunna care if you have a nice toasty constant 23 deg in you climate controlled cab........... pfft, you need to have all the windows down to flip em the bird.

go for a drive in a xy - xb gt and give it a good squirt, if at anytime the smile fades from your face cause its not leather seats your sitting in or its a little too warm inside then you are definetly either deaf or blind........... by the way, all cars have power windows and aircon, there called window winders, ha ha ha.

ha ha rob but some of us like these extra's :lol:




Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 7:26 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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i know ben, thats why you could never keep up with me, lol............. :P :P :P



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 Post subject: Re: XR is the only way
Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2005 12:46 am 
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shaun73 wrote:
i have a fairmont ghia ef v8 with cuppacino interior leather seats power style class what eles can you as for? :lol:

Umm let's see...

Less weight?
Cappucino ... isnt that a coffee???
Power? Not in stock trim?

Theres a few ... I could always sacrifice a bit of class for a whole lota perfomance.



EL II XR8 - project powerdyne.

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