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Ford considers axing V8 Falcon 


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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:59 pm 
Getting Side Ways
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No-one would buy an 8-litre engine. People keep turning it in to a pissing match. We are all so one-minded (me included). We look at Holden and say, wow, theyre so much better, they have a 7.0L V8.

In the end who cares. It we can make a 6 cylinder almost half the size that can put out approx the same power, then we should be running with that. Do you really think fuel prices are ever going to be coming back down? The V8 market is only going to shrink in size from here on in...unless we make a V8 powered by salt water...

In my honest opinion, they should be spending more money on alternative fuels/hybrids, better engines. Not just making the ones we have got bigger, thirstier and heavier!



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Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:26 pm 
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Actually I would have prefered they bring out the 4.6l instead of the 5.4. It has a lot more potential. The 5.4 is still a truck motor just like a cleavo. I drove a 4.6l exploder and don't they love to rev. Each to their own though. But it will hurt Ford if they axe the V8 again. Not sure if many will come back when they try to re-release them. My blood is blue though. Only problem is I haven't found a new Ford worthy of replacing the good old girl, even after 8 years of driving her.
Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:52 am 
Getting Side Ways
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GeZza200 wrote:
they should go back to the 5.6L used in the TS50's they had quite alot of balls

the 5.6lt was a hand built engine using very expensive parts. theres a reason why the t3's where expensive when they were introduced, and partly because of build cost. that engine could never be practically considered by ford as a production V8.

although i do agree it was a ball tearer.

they should invest research into making their top end cars lighter ie gt, gtp etc. this way a smaller, lower power, better on fuel engine will keep up with these lumbering dinosaurs that hsv wanna keep churning out because thats as far as their limited intelligence can take them. the GTs need to be 1500kg or less, race cars not barges. 1800-1900kgs is just ab-F**k-surd. a 1500kg car needs only 236 kw to have the same p/w ratio as a 300kw 1900kg car. not to mention it brakes harder, corners better and is kinder on its tyres.

an engine is only part of the equation. a good 250kw modern alloy V8 that doesnt mind revving in a 1500kg frame would see the game field reversed and building well thought out cars would become the game.



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Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:27 am 
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agree ...drop some of the frilly bits , whatever make it lighter
the 4.6 boosted wouldve been a better option but its still physically too big
IMO 4 valves a waste of time in a v8 unless small capacity boosted otherwise too many revs needed and too much fuel

a single overhead cam 2 valve small port ,undersquare motor with a duel length intake and VCT, made of alloy and strong enough to be boosted !!

thats all i want Ford .....oh and really cheap coz im broke :lol:
Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 9:42 am 
Getting Side Ways

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There is a video on youtube of a Ford GT, the guy took the supercharger off the 5.4L and bolted on 2 turbos. Stock fuel system and pretty much everything and the car pulled 1018rwhp. thats insane, thats what i would call the next HO with a few other little bits done to it



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