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1989 xf ute engine conversion options 


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 Post subject: 1989 xf ute engine conversion options
Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:38 am 
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Was wondering what the options were for a xf ute. Is.currently the 4.1 carby 1989 model with 5 speed manual.

Looking at retiring / rebuilding current engine (380000km).

Was thinking v8 but this will be hard to engineer as no v8s came out in fords in 1989 and would have to conform to the pollution laws and I don't really want to stuff around with efi.

Next option is full rebuild of current engine, with a few modest performance upgrades.

And lastly standard rebuild with turbo kit.

What do people reckon?



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 Post subject: Re: 1989 xf ute engine conversion options
Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:14 am 
Getting Side Ways
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a V8 isnt too hard to setup/engineer in an XF, you have a couple of options:

1) Use a Cleveland, Get everything out of an XE, and run it on straight LPG. Make sure you have 4 wheel disc brakes, Heavy duty V8 Suspension, a quiet exhaust, and it should breeze through engineers, although it shouldnt be required if you are running straight LPG, an engineer will probably look kindly upon you if you fit cat converters.

2) Use a Windsor out of an E series Falcon, retain the EFI, and it basically bolts in the same way as a Cleveland, and you can still run a C4/C10 Transmission, and run a manual ECU, of course, if you want to get extravagant, you could run the 4 speed BTR.

3) Use a windsor out of an E series Falcon, but run it on straight Gas, that way, no need to worry about any EFI wiring at all.

4) Run a 460 Big Block. Pretty much need to run this on Straight Gas, and you'll need some custom headers. Pretty sure it bolts in the same way as a Cleveland, but I think you'll need to use a C6 Transmission as well, the engineer wont like it as much as a Cleveland, but if you do everything right, you should get away with it.

Keep in mind, if you run an EFI windsor, you will need to comply to the emmisions of the car it came out of.

As for 6 cylinder options, again, you have a few options:

1) Do up the 250 Crossflow you currently have, this is a good option in my opinion, they respond well to a mild cam, extractors, a 2.5" exhaust, and a 350 Holley carby, it really depends how far you want to go, you can port the head, shave it for a bit more compression, and run a bigger carby. You dont really wanna run EFI on a 250 Crossflow if you can avoid it, as it's not a particularlly good system, and it's not very tuneable.

2) Fit a 4 Litre OHC donk from an EA-EL, and run a Carby manifold, a modified XE dissy, and eithier a carburettor, or straight LPG. Straight LPG is the go here in my opinion, it's easy, cheap fuel is available, and getting it to run nicely will be easy. Getting a carby to be legal on a 4 litre would be near impossible, you'd need a pollution compliant late model electronic type carby, and you'd need to run a cat, and get all sorts of emmisions tests, but could be done.

3) Fit a 4 Litre OHC donk, complete will all it's EFI setup. This is an excellent option, and it will fit pretty easily using most of the bits from an XG (Not all XG bits work) You have the option of running the Log manifold like EA-ED, or the Broadband manifold like EF-AU. The broadband is a better setup, but the log manifold will be easier to get working correctly. An AU motor can also be fitted, but you might have some issues with sump clearence. The only problem I see with this conversion in an XF Ute is WHY when you can buy an XG ute that already has it done.

4) Fit a Barra motor. This is by FAR the hardest conversion mentioned, but it's by no means impossible and has been done. It basically fits the same way as a SOHC, and the computer side of things can be taken care of by running a BF ECU and a CAPA Flash tuner, but there's a fair bit more to it than that, but it can be done. It too will be an excellent conversion.

Hope this helps

 Post subject: Re: 1989 xf ute engine conversion options
Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:12 pm 
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I went the 4.0 EFI using log manifold and a Serpentine belt setup using an XH Non XR tensioner
I also added AC to the car.

I used an EF XR6 engine and EL T5.
XG Full body loom and Dash loom.
XH Manual ECU (to use the Fan pin outs)
I used EL Thermo's and added a EL Relay block connected to the ECU.

Nothing was cut on the car to fit the engine, if you use the normal EB belt setup, you'll need to cut the castor support bar where the alternator will hit. (marked)

The conversion is Very easy, and will take time, and you'll need to source fiddly bits like coolant brackets, battery tray, making radiator supports.

You'll also need to reshape the left hand inner panel to fit a factory airbox.

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