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Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 5:18 pm 
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Hey, I was just wondering what the best option for my engine is? I've got an XF Falcon with EFI, and a T5 5 speed, If possible, I'd like to keep with a fuel injected engine, but will go carby if nessacary. Keep in mind that I'm a poor TAFE student & I cant afford that much, I'd just like my car to have some more go. The options I have come up with are as follows:

Option #1: EF/EL Engine with EB Manifold


A huge upgrade in technology, power, efficiency and refinement, Wiring seems pretty easy too with the XF EEC-IV being very similar to the EB Setup, and from what I can tell, only 4 wires need to be added to make it run with the EB Computer.


It needs to be engineered, and it'll probably cost over $2000 to get it all working properley. It also may not be as easy as it looks to fit it.

As far as I can tell, to fit the EF/EL engine, I'd need the following parts:

*XG Radiator
*XG Engine mounts
*XG Heater hoses
*EB-ED Fuel pump
*EB Series 1 ECU
*XG Power steering pump & lines
*T5 Bellhousing to suit
*XG Accelerator cable
*EB Manifold, injectors & throttle body
*XG Airbox

I think that's about it.

Roughly how much will all this stuff cost me, and is it worth it?

Option #2: EF/EL Engine with Broadband Manifold and full XH Dash.

Advantages: Would be a very smooth, torquey engine, and go really well in the XF. Could also run smartlock if desired.

Disadvantages: Not many, other than the huge amount of time & the cost involved, and also having to get it engineered.

I'll need all the same parts as the last option, with the addition of a full XH Dash, BBM, Wiring loom, and EL XR6 ECU.

I'd say that cost will probably be prohibitive here. How much would I be looking at for that stuff?

Option #3: Rebuild my spare 250 Crossflow.

Advantages: I've got another engine sitting there, seemed to go quite well, parts are cheap & I wont need an engineers.

Disadvantages: No where near as refined as the EF/EL motor, and had very high klms (260,000) and it blew smoke, so it probably needed new rings.

What parts would be the best option to get this motor going good?

Obviously I'll need a set of extractors and a 2.5" exhaust, but what parts should I choose when it comes to things like rings, bearings, & valve stem seals? Will I need anything else? I was thinking of possibly changing the lifters as well because they are a bit noisy. I've been quoted about $500 at trade price for most of theese parts in standard form. Can I get performance versions of anything that'll make it go better? Will the EFI handle a mild cam?

Option #4: Do some external modifications to the engine I've got.

Advantages: The motor doesnt have to come out, and it will be sigifigantly cheaper than the other options.

Disadvantges: You never know how long it'll last, and there's not as much potential for power gains.

What can I do here? Possibly a better manifold? bigger injectors? better air intake? I geuss I could even put a mild cam in it. Are there any plug in "chips" for the EEC-IV? If so are they effective? What other options do I have short of spending big $$$

Option #5 Chuck a V8 in it.

Advantages: Powerful, not that expensive, will make lots & lots of power.

Disadvantages: As far as I know, this is 100% illegal in an XF, will use alot of fuel.

Is this illegal? I'm geussing if it's not I'd need to get it engineerd, and in that case, I'd probably need to run straight LPG or EFI.

Sorry for the long post, but I still dunno what I wanna do engine wise. If there are any other options you guys can think of, please feel free to mention them too.

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 9:04 pm 
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Go with the v8 option :twisted: and get it engineered.

all you need to do is mod the firewall and put an xd/xe heater box in it, and it bolts in quite nicely. but you will need a bigger radiator and all that still.
Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 9:43 pm 
Getting Side Ways

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Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2005 1:50 am 
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i cant remember if you covered the option of getting a unichip installed and bolting on a turbo and then slowly increasing boost?
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