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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:46 am 

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THE ORIGINAL How to make a firewall re-enforcement plate for clutch cable on e series.
Things needed are.
A sturdy vice.
Steel plate 3mm thick x 120mm high x 100mm across.
A Piece of steel pipe with inside diameter of 18mm.
Short piece of 16mm pipe.
Some silicon.
Tape measure or ruler.
Angle grinder.
Center punch.
Electric drill.
2.5mm drill bit
5mm drill bit
18-20mm drill bit or hole saw for steel.
Some 8 or 10 g x16mm self-tapping screws.
And a few m5 flat washers.


I used a un-damaged firewall to mock it up on.
But in most cases the firewall is damaged that’s why I mocked it up on a good one to ensure the correct angle.
Then I measured the pieces before I welded it together.
First you need a 3mm thick x 120mm high x 100mm across flat metal plate and a piece of steel pipe with at least a 18mm inside diameter. As this will fit over the original pipe. (FOR AU THE PLATE IS APPROX 80MM WIDE CUTTING 20MM OFF THE BOOSTER SIDE OF THE PLATE)
I also welded a 5mm length of 16mm pipe into the end of the 18mm pipe to center the cable and to Give the cable a nice seating surface.
Or you can just tack weld a washer on the end if you like

Measure 60mm from the bottom of the plate and 40mm from the right side of the plate.
Center punch and drill a 18-20mm hole which should be the same diameter or slightly smaller than the pipe.
Then measure 18mm left of the top right corner and mark it.
And from the top right corner measure down 60mm and mark it.
Then draw a line and cut across the corner with an angle grinder. This is to clear the join in the firewall.

plate measurements edit.JPG

Then cut the pipe down to 28mm in length.
To get the angle needed cut the pipe on a angle.
Measure 10mm from one end and draw a line to the other end and put it in a vice and
Carefully cut on the line.
This should give you the right angle.

pipe cut pic.jpg

Now a test fit to make sure the pipe is at the right angle
I used a artline pen and used the lid as a dowel (as it’s a perfect fit inside the factory pipe) now line the pipe up with the original pipe on the firewall.
Then tack weld the pipe to the plate with the pipe angled downwards
And mark where you want the mounting holes.
Now remove it and weld it all the way around


As I made this from scrap it had 4 large holes already in the plate but I didn’t use them as I made this so you don’t need to remove the brake booster to fit it.
The green crosses in the pic are the holes I used to mount it to the firewall
The yellow line shows approx where to cut when using on au2. this is because au 2 booster is slightly closer to the firewall not allowing the plate to slide behind as far.

Now to test fit it to the car and make sure the clutch cable slides in and out with no obstruction. Now drill the 3- 5mm holes in the plate to screw it to the firewall...
I drilled 3- 2.5mm pilot holes in the firewall and used self-tapping screws to mount it..
Using silicon in between the plate and firewall so there is a nice seal.

Here is the finished pic

pat pending
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