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No indication of faulty brake peddle switch ? 


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Posted: Tue May 17, 2005 11:46 pm 
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Happy wrote:
Faulty brake lights or not you should always make a habit of giving the person behind you plenty of room by having space in front incase things like this happen. Them rear ending you results in them being at fault - not you!

Do you drive looking in your rear view mirrow :lol I'll remember to be in the other lane :lol:
Insurance companies always blame the one behind. You could probably sue if the car infront has no brake lights and is thus unroadworthy. Insurance companies don't care about what is legal or who's fault it is in reality, they just care about their bottom line - so the one behind is always at fault in rear endings and it is just a cost minimization/administration practice amoungst insurance companies, not a legal fact.

ItchiOne wrote:
Already thought of doing such a warning lamp mod using above principles...

If you could incorporate it into the cluster and make it look neat - I think it would be a good idea!!![/quote]

The cluster has provision for two more warning lights that ford has not used... maybe 1 used for brake lamp failure & 1 used for turbo boost :)
Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 12:05 am 
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OMG there is a heavy duty one!
hmm would of liked to have known that 2 swtches ago.

but my last one was much more expensive than the past, so maybe i got one?
or it was just fraud being fraud. :shock:



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Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 12:49 am 
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where do get a heavey duty switch?? cause my one doesnt work.



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Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 1:00 am 
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Happy wrote:
twason wrote:
Happy wrote:
twason wrote:
I have replaced many brake switches in my current EF and my previous EF Fairmont. I think that towing has got something to do with there short life so recently I installed a relay in the brake line to take the electrical load from the switch. It is mounted under the dash near the pedal and has the big advantage that you can hear a click every time the pedal is pressed so I have confirmation the brake switch is workin.

I'm confused, explain how towing has an effect on the switches life?

Simply there are more bulbs on the brake circuit drawing current when the Van or Trailer are pluged in. Each 15 watt globe is adding an additional 1.25 amps.

but the switch fails because it looses it's "springyness" (i know:P) over time, that is why Ford made a heavy duty one, with a heavier tensile spring to last longer. It has nothing to do with the amount of towing you do. I went through two regular ones until I found out there was a "taxi" version and I never towed anything in my life.

Happy, Clearly there must be two failure modes for this switch, one due to fatigue over time, the other electrical failure due to under rated switch contacts and improper design of the contacts. The one I am describing brings about switch failure measured in months, interestingly I have not had a switch failure since putting in the relay.



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