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James' V8 DL LTD 


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 Post subject: James' V8 DL LTD
Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:38 pm 
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Pretty much as the labal say's, I've already had the car for a couple of month's, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to show it off :).

Car: 1997 DL LTD
Engine: V8
Km's: 298,000
Mod's: 1 very minor engine cover mod, otherwise completely stock.
Colour: Dynamic White
Interior: Cappa

I'm the second owner of the car, needed a bit of work to get it roadworthy, I bought the car for $4000 but with 1 month of rego left, unfortunatly I didn't get a roadworthy before the rego ran out so I had to spend an extra buck and re-register the car.

Anyhow the car is in very good condition on the outside, but here is my to do list for it at the moment:

* Brake pedal low - I've already tried fitting new pad's and flushing the system with new fluid which didn't improve the low pedal, the rotor's seem fine though, only other things that come to mind are the brake lines or maybe the master cylinder?

* Diff very noisy - under acceleration the diff makes noise, but as soon as you decelerate the diff stops making noise, because the diff is LSD the only 2 options are to either fit it out with a decent second hand diff (preferably with the same diff ratio) or re-condition the original one that's in there now. I'm still to go to a couple of diff rebuilding joints here in Geelong and price a full rebuild up but because it's LSD and there's a bit of time and money involved in doing either option I'm happy to just put up with the noise for the time being.

* Steering wheel slightly sloppy - The slop in the steering column is coming from the lower uni joint on the steering column, when you move the wheel you can actually feel the joint move around. I've done my research on this one and it appears as though the joints from ford are now obsolete, and no aftermarket company seems to make these uni joints either, only way it seems to fix this problem is to find a steering column from a wrecker that's in decent condition.

* Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balance - This isn't really a priority as there isn't really anything wrong in this section, but as you all know it's something that should be done on a regular basis, so I only really want it done for a piece of mind. The guy who owned the car last was an old bloke, would have no idea when a wheel alignment was last done.

* Fuel gauge inacurate - Last month the fuel pump in the car went to heaven, but after replacing that the fuel gauge is no longer accurate, I've already made a post about this which can be seen here: This might be fixed pretty soon, so watch this space.

And now for the one and only mod I've done so far:

When the fuel pump went it actually happened at an hour and a half away from where I live, and because the car was so far away ended up having to get the car to this chick's house which was very near by, anyway, she's not very car minded so naturally her tools where extremely limited compared to what I have available at home. I also had another dude who lived nearby, even though he did have a bucket of random tools he didn't have a Torx tip that could get those tiny screw's that attach the engine cover to the intake manifold, so that mainly had us stuck for checking anything on the ignition. I have since gone to the liberty of going to a fastner's joint and replacing those torx screw's with something more common and easier to find in a female house holds house. At first I wanted to replace them with an allen key tip, but after some close inspection I found that the screw's where not metric or UNF, but where BSW (British Standard Whitworth), which ment that I even if I searched the internet on an international scale, I could only get them in either a slotted or phillips head form. I would have never thought that I would find a BSW thread on an engine that's partly metric but what I assume would mostly be imperial as the engine is american.....

Anyway, enough trash talk, now for some photo's:





Those pic's I took when I first looked at the car, the car unfortunatly is in need of a wash, so I'll post some more when it's clean.

Now onto the option's the car's got:

The car had the Class 2 tow pack fitted from factory, well, I think's it's class 2, it's got the heavy duty tow bar which use's a gudgeon and locking R clip pin. The only thing the previous owner didn't get options was the sunroof, though I have suspicions that the only people with sunroofs have a bold patch on their head :P.

Anyway the car also seems to have come with this:


I've also got a second picture with a grey talking thingy that's sitting to the right of the drivers sunvisor, I've heard this is some Nokia handsfree thingy, if that's so, where's the rest of the hands free kit? if it does come with anything else?

Anyhow that's it for now, might add some pic's later in the week.

Thanks for looking :)

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 Post subject: Re: James' V8 DL LTD
Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:01 am 
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