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Smartlock Problem 


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 Post subject: Smartlock Problem
Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:59 pm 
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Hi, i have a Ford Flacon GLi 97 model.

now it wouldnt start when i was leaving work. just nothing basically. thought it was the starter motor or battery but everything was still working, head lights, radio etc but it just wouldnt start. so i looked up the manual and it said to leave the key in the "ON" position for 30 mins before turning it on. now i did that and it started so i drove off thinking everything was back to normal. but i noticed as i was driving the SMARTLOCK light was still flashing.

but when i pulled up home i turned the car off, waited for 10 seconds then turned it back on and it started. tried again for 30 seconds but it wouldnt start. so i had to start the "wait for 30 mins" process again.

took it in to ford and explained the problem to them but they said it would cost me $260 for them to look at. he also said that it could be the BCM ? but they wouldnt know untill they look at it.

just wanted to know if this is an easy fix as i have never had any problems with it for the last 3 years.

would appreciate your help/feedback.

thanks in advance.
 Post subject: Re: Smartlock Problem
Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:42 pm 
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Hi & welcome :mrgreen:

for a start do a search via the search button at the top of the page plus a google search [mentioning fordmods] should help you solve ya hiccup. if still having problems someone will come along and help out
 Post subject: Re: Smartlock Problem
Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:38 pm 
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Smartlock is playing up. You will need to replace the BCM.

The BCM is located on the left side of the steering column in the lower part of the dash. Easy replacement.

You will need to get you hands on an EL BCM, cheap enough on Ebay. GLi should be Black if I remember rightly and the Futura/XR6 is Blue. ... 20e15b43a5 ... 3a7a9156b3

Removal is by one screw located under the dash and lowereing the BCM, diconnect the 2 plugs. Connection is the reverse.

You will need to program the Ignition to the BCM;
1) Open the drivers side window.
2) Turn off all accesories, ie Radio.
3) Close the drivers door and turn the ignition to "Reds".
4) The "reprogram will take 30-60 mins. When done the door locks will cycle.
5) Turn the ignition off and then start the car.
6) Job done.

You will also needd to reprogram you remotes for the car.
 Post subject: Re: Smartlock Problem
Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:59 am 
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Hi there , I have a very similiar problem with an 3/96 xg long reach van ,runs on LPG/petrol any firstly my other problem is I'm a lady that's never fixed cars or pulled one down . The car is smart locked , I can start it by reprogramming the key but need to do it every time , which flattens the battery . The thing that is different ( from before this problem started ) the smart lock light used to flash when the car was off , now it is constantly on - driving or stationary . I've searched all the forums and came up with a few solutions 1. Bcm may have dry joints recon it or 2. There is a bad earth . 3 . The interior light fuse has gone. What I've done is 1. Pulled the whole dash out looked for the bcm around the lower dash left knee height area , near the ash tray also , 2 of us for the life of us couldn't see it , I know its about 5 inch square , not sure what colour or if I replace it which model would be compatible, could it be somewhere else ? Behind left kick panel with smartlock module . I've just ordered a bypass module yet to arrive and will also get a kill switch installed , so that may avoid the problem of a flat battery , 2 bad earth - got a sparky mate lined up to look it over . 3 . There has never been a globe in the interior light I've Checked the fuse box for a 5amp fuse ( read that on a forum ) green lettering ( why would you ) no 5amp labels there or interior light . Would like to see a diagram so I know exactly where it should be , there's a row of 2 vacant fuse holders at the bottom . I could get a multi meter and check the light wire for power , but I don't think that's the cause as nothing has changed there . What did happen the day before this problem was I drove through a crossing that was a bit too deep and the car was running a bit chuggy but it seemed to iron out , next morn no go , reprogrammed key , no go . Levered a small nozzle under dizzy cap ( removed top of air cleaner box to get tiny hands in ) squirted some inox in and on tiff module , reprogram again whoo hoo it started , turned it off tried again no go , so I've got this far but smartlock red lights still on constantly which has killed one battery so far and a battery charger is on it constantly the new battery has been flattened twice and just having the key on for 30 mins does it not sure if I got a dud battery after the first flattening I noticed it was dry , considering returning it , may that be a symptom of " the problem " . It's also using up near on half a tank of fuel while it's running on gas which is not usual I did read that the ratio is regulated by the computer , any ideas what I need to do bar spend heaps of $ hence I'm having a go myself and have learnt heaps about my bitza , shoulda got an XH ! Apparently even one of the hoses is obsolete and different months got different bits off the production lines . I've emailed every relative result to myself . This is the closest I've got to something similiar . If anyone bothers to read all this thank you , if you any suggestion to the cause please do and thank you , muchly appreciated
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