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NSW - legal load rating for wheels tyres BAII XL Ute 


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 Post subject: NSW - legal load rating for wheels tyres BAII XL Ute
Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2022 7:22 pm 
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Hi Guys,

Just posting this in case someone else has encountered a similar situation.
It's relatively long because of the details.

Point is trying to determine of the alternative wheels/tyres are up to spec load rating wise and if so it's less contentious that they are classified as a minor modification in NSW - subject to hidden gotchas
NSW is fairly simple from what I have read assuming the wheels/tyres fit with no issues etc
Famous last words perhaps...

track width increase - no decrease
wheel/tyre width increase of 25mm
appropriate load rating according to the tyre placard
rolling diameter does not change by less/more 7%
Al other factors regarding same type, profile, width etc as per roadworthy requirements.

I have written a detailed set of question to the technical enquiries email of NSW RMS and will share their response to potentially assist others once I have heard back.

Currently fitted 19x8 alloy wheels King Wheels Kobia GT - load rating of the wheels is 690KG fitted with 235/35/R19 91Y [615 kg] so suitable for max front axle load, not for max rear axle load, so likely a grey area where I don't want to get trapped, although my ute ain't carrying heavy loads any time soon

Two potential tyres I am considering for the rear axle are
235/40/R19 96Y
Diameter: 670mm
Load rating: 710Kg
245/40/R19 98Y
Diameter: 679mm
Load rating: 750Kg

Width and profile changes are within the permitted change envelope front/rear

The guy that does my rego [also tyres] thinks that the tyres should be C rated - in the process of getting two new tyres, yet to be ordered, until I hear back from RMS

I said WHOAH does that mean that every Ute in NSW with mags is illegal, he thinks so, I disagree, and here's why...

As a result - I've done a bucket load of reading, links provided in case anyone else gets mired in any of this themselves.

Realistically trying to avoid engineer certification if possible and I don't want to get into an argumen with the guy doing the rego inspection - the RMS response should cover that.

Trying to make this as close to authoritative as possible as I know the question comes up a lot, asked often on forums and responses are extremely variable...

Documents read: VSB14 - alternative wheels/tyres ... 015_v4.pdf
Pages 1-2
Page 6 Section 1.1
Page 17 - Australian Design rules
Pages 18 - 19 Section 4.1 - if applicable, Section 4.2
Page 20 - 21 Section 4.2.8 - 4.2.9 if applicable - passenger vehicles and derivatives
Page 22 - 23 Sections 4.2.10 - 4.2.12 if applicable - light goods vehicles

This document says to refer to each jurisdiction [state] where registration is sought as not all of the specifications are enforced in each jurisdiction - specifically I have asked RMS about Sections 4.1 and 4.2 and the need/requirement to increase load ratings of passenger* wheels/tyres by 1.1 for light commercial vehicles* [standard tyres on my ute aren't load rated "C" commercial {light goods vehicle] according to the Ford publishes specs] VSI 06 ... r-2013.pdf
Pages 7-8: Items 13 - 15 VSI 09 ... r-2003.pdf
The document is explanatory in nature and fairly simple

Maximum track width specs as published ny the SA Govt - assuming the specs are sourced from originally ... s-2021.pdf
Page 77 row 9 BA Utility, inc XR series
Maximum track width:
Front 1578mm
Rear 1571mm
superseded by the Ford published spec sheet I just found linked below

One document which I only discovered today is - [it's important] ... 200410.pdf

I found that spec sheet by searching BA Falcon GVM - I couldn't for love nor money find published detailed specs previously.

Tyre placard specs state:
Ford Motor Company Recommended Tyre and Sizes and Inflation Pressures
Tyre size designation:
Rim Code:
6.5J ISO
7.0J ISO
Tyre Inflation pressures dependent upon vehicle loading
The tyres fitted to this vehicle shall have a maximum load rating not less than 600Kg or a load rating of 90 and a speed category of not less than H.

So car specs:
Car is BA II Ute XL, build Feb '05 Styleside box with standard suspension 3/4 tonne according to the registration document* cross referenced with the Ford Specs 2505 GVM

GVM is 2505 on rego papers - the stickers with VIN and details actually state GVM 2805, but I'm not going to argue that with RMS as it's to my disadvantage - wrong sticker at Ford Factory?

I very much doubt Dad had the GVM downrated.

Who knows, anyway not vitally important.

Ford Doc:
Max Front axle loading 1165 kg - same as all the others in the series
Max rear axle loading 1380 kg - Alloy wheels comply, rear tyres need to be rated higher for Max load

Now on page 4 of the specs it lists the standard wheel/tyre for the XL Styleside box - standard suspension - my car:
215/60/R16 95V - in contrast with the C rated tyres on 1 tonne suspension models
Supports my argument that I need appropriate load rated tyres, NOT C rated tyres as it's in the published specs

For the XLS styleside box, the tyre and load rating is 215/55/R16 93V - I assume this is because of the slight reduction in rear axle max load being 1260 Kg versus the XL 1380 Kg

The wheels/tyres listed as the standard equipment for the XR6/XR6T/XR8 17x8.0, neither the wheel nor the tyre have a specified load rating - that's likely on the Tyre placard
The optional 18x8 wheels tyres on the last page for the XR6/XR8 don't list a load rating, I assume also that information comes from the tyre placard.

So with all of that said, has anyone for instance put XR6/XR8 wheels tyres on a lesser model, say an XL or XLS and been challenged about it [defect] or otherwise?

I'd say there's a grey area if attempting to transplant the XR6/XR8 performance wheels onto 1 tonne rated vehicles, which are carrying heavy loads [full capacity]

Lastly does anyone know what the stated load rating [capacity] of the 1 tonne rated Ford optional wheels is?
Is it for example cast on the inside of one of the spokes as 1000kg or some such?


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