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 EEC-V 4.0L Pinouts
Ford EL Inline 6 EEC-V Wiring Information

This document describes the pinouts, and wiring for the EEC-V Engine and Powertrain Control Module, for the EL 6 cylinder Model Ford Falcon, Futura, Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, Fairlane, LTD, and XR6 model Falcons.
The information includes wiring connector pin-outs, wire colours, expected voltages, and wire feature.
Wiring Connector Pin outs

The standard Ford 60Pin EEC Connector
The above image describes the EEC-V module Pin numbers, that are used on the Powertrain Control module.
The EEC-V Module is located behind the Left Hand Side Kick Panel, On the passenger side of the vehicle, near the front seat.
To remove the kick panel, and gain access to the EEC-V module, you will need to complete the following.
  • 1 Remove the 3 Retaining screws on the plastic door scuff plate, and remove the scuff plate.
  • 2 Remove the plastic plugs used to secure the plastic kick panel.
  • 3 Pull the back of the kick panel towards the transmission, to disengage the kick panel from the chassis.
  • 4 Finally slide the kick panel backwards towards the back of the car.

    The EL EEC-V Wiring connector is the Standard Ford 60 Pin Connector, as used on the XF 4.1 EFI, EBII 4.0, and ED 4.0 EEC modules.
    Please Note that Pin 1. Is located on the lower Row, Far Left, when the wiring connector is facing somewhere pretty.

    The EL 4.0i EEC-V Module has the following features,
  • 1. Dual Scroll Manifold operation (Broadband - Torque Control Manifold control)
  • 2. Electric Thermo Fan operation
  • 3. 4-Speed Auto Transmission Control via 6 On/Off Solenoids, and 1 Variable pressure Solenoid
  • 4. Gear Lever Position (Via Discreet resistance values)
  • 5. Transmission Temperature
  • 6. Power/Economy Selector (For Automatic Transmissions)
  • 7. Air Conditioning Status (Compressor Operation)
  • EEC-V Wiring Information
    Pin No Wire Colour Purpose Voltage
    1   Keep Alive Power Battery +12V
    2   Not used  
    3   Vehicle Speed Sensor 10V Square wave when driving
    4   Smartlock Immobilisation Signal 0V-12V Bus Signal
    5   Ignition Power 12V with Ignition On
    6   Not Used  
    7   Engine Coolant Temp 20*C-3.1V, 40*C-2.2V, 100*C-0.5V
    8   Fuel Select (Tickford LPG Models Only) Petrol >9Volts, LPG 0Volts
    9   Not Used  
    10   Airconditioning Clutch On 12V Aircon On, 0V Aircon Off
    11   Trans Lock Up solenoid (S7) 12V Lockup
    12   Economy Indicator Lamp 0V Economy Lamp On
    13   LPG Cut Off Solenoid 0V LPG On, 12V LPG Off
    14   Transmission Solenoid (S6) 12V Ignition On
    15   Broadband Manifold <3800RPM 0V, >3800RPM 12V
    16   Ground 0V
    17   Self Test Output (STO) PWM signal 0V-12V
    18   Not Used  
    19   Not Used  
    20   Case Ground 0V
    21   Idle Speed Control +8V to +11V Engine Running
    22   Fuel Pump Control +12V Ignition On, 0V Engine Running
    23   Knock Sensor +3V Engine Running
    24   Not Used  
    25   Intake Air Temperature Sensor 0*C 3.9V, 20*C 3,1V, 40*C 2.2V
    26   Not used  
    27   Auto Trans Power/Econ Switch Normal 12V, Econ 0V
    28   Power Steering Pressure Switch 0V No Load, 12V Steering Load
    29   HEGO (Oxygen Sensor) Input 0.1V - 0.8V with Engine Running
    30   Transmission Position [p]3.8V-4.2V, [R]3.3V-3.7V, [N]2.8V-3.2V, [D]2.3V-2.7V, [3]1.8V-2.2V, [2]1.3V-1.7V, [1]0.8V-1.2V
    Manual Transmission, Neutral 0V-0.1V, In gear 5Volts
    31   Canister Purge 8V-10V with Engine Running
    32   LPG Gas Shut Off LPG Off 12Volts, LPG On 0Volts
    33   Electric Fan 2 Output Relay 2 & 3 Off 12V, Relay 2 & 3 On 0V
    34   Data Output Link PWM Data
    35   Automatic Transmission Solenoid (S3) 0V-12V
    36   SPOUT (Spark Output) Ignition 7V average with Engine Running
    37   Ignition Power 12V with Ignition On
    38   Auto Trans Variable Pressure Solenoid (S5) 10V - 14V with Engine Running
    39   Speed Sensitive Power Steering 0V-12V PWM signal
    40   Ground 0Volts
    41   Air Conditioning Compressor 12Volts Engaged, 0V Off
    42   Transmission Oil Temp 20*C-3.5V, Normal Op Temp 1.0-3.6V
    43   A/C Evaporator Air Temp 20*C 1.5V-2.0V
    44   Blower Fan Speed High Speed 12V, Off 0V
    45   MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor Engine Running 100Hz - 105Hz
    46   Signal Ground 0Volts
    47   Throttle Position Sensor 0.7V closed, 4.5V WOT (Wide Open)
    48   Self Test Input 0Volts for Self Test, 12V Normal operation
    49   HEGO Ground 0Volts
    50   Not Used  
    51   Auto Trans Gear Select Solenoid (S1) 0Volts off, 12V On
    52   Auto Trans Gear Select Solenoid (S1) 0Volts off, 12V On
    53   Electric Fan Output 1 12V Relay 1 Off-0V Relay 1 On
    54   A/C Relay 0Volts A/C On, 12Volts A/C Off
    55   Automatic Transmission Solenoid (S4) 0Volts Off, 12V On
    56   PIP Profile Ignition Pick Up 0V - 12V on Ignition PIP
    57   Ignition Power 0Volts Off, 12V Ignition On
    58   Fuel Injection Ignition Bank 1,3,5 PWM On Fuel Injection
    59   Fuel Injection Ignition Bank 1,3,5 0Volts Off, 12V On
    60   Ground 0Volts
     Document Summary
    Document description: Pinout Information for the EEC-V (60 Pin) Module for EL 4.0L Falcons
    Document written by: Matti on 21 2004>, Copyright © 2004 Matti, all rights reserved.
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