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 BA/BF Premium ICC
Removal & Installation of a BA/BF Premium ICC

This document describes the removal and install steps required in BA or BF vehicles fitted with the Premium ICC
    Tools required:
  • Small flat screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • 8mm socket

1. With the flat screw driver, pop the plastic panel on top of the ICC slightly then with your hand pop the panel backward then pull out.

2. With your hand pull up from the front the panel around the gear lever to remove.

3. With a Phillips screw driver, remove 2xs screws from under the Gear lever panel.

4. Also remove 1x screw from under the top panel .

5. Remove the side panels for center consol as shown.

6. With a socket key (8 mm) remove the 4x screws from side of ICC (Fig 6a & Fig 6b). 2x screws on each side.

7. Remove the tissues box from under the ICC as shown.

The following image shows the power source connector pulled out from tissue box which connects the cigarette lighter.

8. After you removed tissue box, there are 4 connectors and an antenna plug which you have to unplug before pulling ICC out.

9. Now the ICC is ready to remove, hold the top of the ICC and bottom and pull out from dash.

10. After removing the ICC, there is a blue plastic box attached to bottom. Remove the radio aerial from the ICC unit along with the remote locking connector on the blue plastic box.

11. Remove the blue plastic box by removing the 4x screws. Your remote locking will no longer function along with your AC, TC ETC.

12. At the top of the ICC that you have removed, locate the remote sensor above the air ducts on the ICC. It is a white bar held down with 2x screws with a cable coming from it.

13. Remove the 2x screws holding the remote sensor along with the wiring harness. This will have to be transferred to the new Premium ICC.

14. Reinstall the remote sensor on the new Premium ICC first followed by the blue plastic box.

15. Reconnect the remote sensor to the blue box and plug in the radio aerial.

16. The ICC is ready to be placed back into place. Slide the Premium ICC carefully back into the dashboard and screw the unit into place with the 5x screws (4x 8 mm and 1x Philips head screw).

17. Reconnect the 4 connectors back into the ICC along with the radio aerial. There should be a connector covered in foam left unplugged. This connector is for adding DVD, Satellite ETC.

18. Reassemble the surround and you are finished.
 Document Summary
Document description: Removal and install steps required in BA or BF vehicles fitted with the Premium ICC
Document written by: jlgw70 on 29 2008>, Copyright © 2008 jlgw70, all rights reserved.
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