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Dropping a naked AU engine into an EL? 


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 Post subject: Re: Dropping a naked AU engine into an EL?
Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:04 am 
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frd906n wrote:
Well what would you suggest to the op of this thread, which is the best way of doing it, doing the sump mod / k frame cut or fiting the ef/el sump and timing case on

No way should you swap to the EF/EL sump.
Depends if you want to lose half a litre of oil capacity and keep things legal'er', and dont mind forking out 150+ to have the sump cut n shut. Other wise cut the K frame, spend $5 on a steel offcuts and weld it back together yourself with a MIG.
It doesnt matter if you go thru motors, as you can just swap your modified sump onto the new motor.



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 Post subject: Re: Dropping a naked AU engine into an EL?
Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:23 pm 
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Ok, lets review a couple of things

1) Thank you AU99 for showing that if you really want to you can use the EF/EL sump. Problem with this is the amount of silicon sealing the rear seal and by not having the side bolt you really loose the main reason for going to an AU motor, bottom end strength. But at thye same time if you are on a budget and can't afford the sump mod it can be done.

2) Cutting AU Sump V Cutting K Frame;

a) Cutting the sump does not effect the intergrity of the moter or the chassis, you would be lucky to loose 300ml of oil capacity. As for going through motors, once the sump is cut you can reuse it at the cost of a sump gasket.

b) Cutting the K Frame effects the structural integrity of the front end, If you have an accident and it is spotted by the Insurance Company you are stuffed and leaves you open to all sorts of legal charges from the Police. If someone was killed in the accident you may find yourself on a manslaughter charge if not murder. If you think that cutting the K Frame and just welding it is all that is needed think again. When welded there are weak points on either side of the weld and theses need to be treated accordingly and then you need to have the car engineered. Cut sump no such issues.

Look at the difference in size and strength of the K Frame from an EB and an EF. Do you think Ford would do such an upgrade unless there were improvements to be had. Car manufacturers are tight a*** they spent nothing unless they have too. The EF front end is a big improvement in strength and stability over the EB type K Frame.

Just a couple of points to think over.

Again well done AU99 for thinking out of the square, not my recommendation but it works for you.
 Post subject: Re: Dropping a naked AU engine into an EL?
Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:21 pm 
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Thanks SWC for an intelligent response....

Like I did say in a previous post this was done basically cos I had the motor sitting there, son had bugger all money ($200) so changing the sump was a logical choice given that fact. If I was going to do the same I would have used a modded alloy sump as "Its the right way do to it". It got him out of a jam at the time and still perfectly legal.... Its a stock car running LPG, was quite impressed tho at a dyno day and it ran 103 rwkw on lpg.. not bad for a stock AU motor in a EL.. and yes its still going strong... Not bad for a motor I bought off ebay for a spare for $200 and it sat in the shed for 2 years... Having been raided for parts in that time as well, so was only a block and head by the time we put it in...

How you guys choose how to do it is up to you....
I just went with the cash he had...



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