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Some suspension issues 


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 Post subject: Re: Some suspension issues
Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 5:23 am 
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Many years ago I had a Datsun 240K 4 door with a turbo set up running 15 pound in street trim and 20 for track fun....(12.2.seconds on the quarter...not bad for 2.4 litres hey?? best run was 11.7 running 24 pounds boost and methanol injection)
that car had the best handling this side of running on rails and I was running KYB silvers in the rear and ProdraG's in the front macpherson's with nolathane bushes anywhere a bush went.
I can honestly say that the KYB silvers were brilliant in regards to handling and the ride wasn't too bad either.
As you can appreciate the 240 would have been almost the same weight as our modern day falcons as it was made of steel and had very little plastic...eeeeven had metal bumper bars for god's sake.

The only draw back to having a car that handles exceptionally well is that you have to have FIRM suspension...therefore you have to put up with a rougher ride
How many limos can go round an S bend at full throttle without feeling like they are about to go for a slide on the roof...uuuhm none would be my guess.
you could alter the feeling of the ride by altering the seating...soften the seats to compensate for the harder suspension or even go for pneumatic seats...they work in trucks and 4 bees to make the ride comfortable




 Post subject: Re: Some suspension issues
Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 11:05 am 
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"The only draw back to having a car that handles exceptionally well is that you have to have FIRM suspension...therefore you have to put up with a rougher ride"

That's absolutely true... BUT - Bilstein proves you can delete the "therefore you have to put up with a rougher ride" part - because altho they are most certainly VERY firm (at least as basically firm as Munro GT's) and deliver fantastic handling, they quite miraculously manage at the same time to not be rough or harsh. As I said, the SS I rode in was actually not as firm overall, but on quite bad surface it was at the same time much rougher and "crashed" on very bad bumps where my car on the same section of road shakes you up nicely but has no jarring harshness or crashing. Bilsteins allow for a very clear distinction between firmness and harshness.

I have a mental image of conventional solid lifters and adjustable tappets on stamped rockers vs roller rockers and roller hydraulic lifters...

For want of a better analogy it's sort of like the Bilsteins behave as if the tyres are running maybe 15psi - tho that's a very deceptive way of describing it as the tyres and handling don't feel at all as if they're "squishy". All the sharp edges are smoothed off - the car doesn't rattle and squeek and the CD player generally has no problems - even on corrugated dirt road my CD player will only skip every now and then regardless of speed (it's a $180 cheapo), whereas in my brother's XT Forrester on the same road you can absolutely forget about the CD player at any speed AND the Forrester handles totally C R A P by comparison - my car feels not a lot different to being on a bitumen road - it feels solid and stable and you can feel what it's doing - when it reaches the limit it will drift progressively and is easy and controllable - the Forrester feels like it's ready to start skidding at any moment and flip you on your roof.

The blue KYB's I had in the car were very similar for being nice and firm (not quite as much as the Bilsteins) whilst smoothing out the sharp edges - but they didn't have the nape of neck prickling hunker down and STICK capability of the Billies and on corrugated dirt they did the conventional bouncing / jarring thing. If Silver KYB's are an upspec then they could certainly be worth checking out.



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