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EL XR8 Factory Ford Alarm System 


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 Post subject: Re: EL XR8 Factory Ford Alarm System
Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:59 pm 
Oompa Loompa

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Hi all, sorry for the bump, I have two alarm issues I need help with, one AU1 XR6 (smartlock), and 1 NL Fairlane Concorde. Both have what appears to be the standard Ford alarm system.

I recently removed the alarm from my AU1 XR6. It was annoying as it would sound 3 times for 30 seconds each time you locked the car with the fob and it was half warped from heat and would in no way seal so was best I thought to remove it. It was fairly easy (I thought), I traced the dozen or so black wires and found they went to the BEM (?BCM?) and some funny little bug like plastic doohickey with a red flashing LED zippy tied to the steering column. I removed the BEM so I could more readily get to the loom and simply snipped away the wires from the loom going into the BEM and pulled what I thought was all its components. No wires had been cut to fit the alarm, it was all spliced into the existing wires so I just cut the joined wires away, leaving the factory loom intact and taped the stripped sections to insulate them. The only thing I did nothing with except cut its wire, was a bonnet pin switch.

Now I can start the car, I can drive it fine but I can not lock it, nor open boot or fuel flap with the dash buttons. If I hit the keyfob, the horn does the rapid short beep sound that a door or the boot is still open, but its not. If I use the key in the doorlock to lock it, only the drivers door will lock, the other doors do nothing. The boot release on the keyfob does nothing too.

It was quite some time between pulling it and refitting all the things in the dash and console, long story regarding why, so Im not sure Ive got everything plugged back in, or removed after reading this thread, and I noticed theres a 4 pin blue plug next to the BEM that goes nowhere, and a white one with 2 pins in a 'T' formation, also not connected to anything. Ive got the drivers seat removed so I can get right up under there.

I have looked in the drivers kick panel just out of curiosity after reading this thread, and found some electricals in there, but they look factory.

EDIT: Interior light works fine, and times out after about 30 seconds.

Any ideas where I need to start looking? What I need to plug back in to get doors and boot working? What else I might need to remove to fully remove the alarm system?

I also have an NL Fairlane Concorde with factory alarm which I got wet the other day (spent the day at Agnes Waters and wanted to wash all the salt spray from the car when I got home), and now it does not work. It will make a noise when I put the key in the siren and move it the second (middle) position, albeit extremely quiet, if theres is any noise is about you can not hear it, and I mean any noise at all its so quiet, but when all is dead silent I can hear it going through various tones and patterns as if going off in whispers. Will not chirp with the keyfob as it has always done or activate in any position though.

Again, any ideas would be appreciated?



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 Post subject: Re:
Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:18 am 
Oompa Loompa

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Krytox wrote:
heavily wired! lol its Plug and play.

It uses male / female joiners to connect it to the loom in the drivers side foot well without adding to original loom.

The drivers kick panel contains the 'brain/shock sensor and 3 fuses'.

Unplug it, and reconnect the 'original wires'

The 5 wires going through the firewall to the siren, can simply be cut and removed. the other is for the bonnet tamper pin.

Please disconnect the battery before operation.

The 3 siren chirps are the indication of Internal backup battery is dead as in 'stuffed', You can replace this fairly cheap, or even upgrade it to a better type.

This does require soldering and some silicon to stop the new battery moving.

Morning I know this is an old post . I have a factory el type alarm that I want to fit . I understand it’s plug and play . What are the other 3 wire connections inside the car and which of the footwell plugs does it go into
Thanks in advance
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