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 EA-ED Shifter Handle Upgrade
Upgrading the EA, EB and ED autoshifter to the EF /EL series one.

This modification document provides instructions and photos on how to fit the automatic shifter handle to the one found on the EF or EL series Falcons.

    Tools required:
  • Grinder or File (to remove any burs)

  • Bolt cutters or hacksaw

  • Spanner for shifter locking nut

  • Cloth to protect shifter locking nut while lock/unlocking

    Parts required:
  • EF or EL Gear knob

  • Selector rod from EF/EL door (one that's used to open the door from the inside

Take your old T Bar auto gear knob off by using a shifter and holding the gear knob firm and undoing the locking nut under it, then unscrew the gear knob and take it off, remove the selector bar out, leave the locking nut on the t bar shaft.

Using the bolt cutters or the hacksaw cut a piece about 17cm long from the door rod round bar you got, then put it next to the selector bar you took out of your car and mark the spot you need to make a slight bend.

To make the slight bend put the rod were you made the marking to bend on the corner of a workbench or put it in a bench vice and just push it till it starts to bend and that’s it your done, don’t bend it to much or it will not work when you put it together.

Use a flat file or a bench grinder and de-bur both ends of the new selector bar.

Now install the new selector bar short end in first, then screw the new EF/EL auto gear knob on almost down to the end now hold it firm and tighten up the locking nut using the shifter.

Now you should have a nice working new auto gear knob that’s looks great. I have added some photos to help you with this mod I hope this helps

 Document Summary
Document description: Upgrading the EA-ED shifter handle to the EF/EL series type
Document written by: BuNtEr on 29 2008>, Copyright © 2008 BuNtEr, all rights reserved.
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